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Countries Prototyping Name Status Categories
Cambodia Promote rice planted area and production estimation using space based technologies On going Agriculture
Myanmar Promote a Department of Agricultural Land Management and Statistics (DALMS) system through using Innovative rice crop area mapping and yield monitoring with space based technologies On going Agriculture
Indonesia Mapping and Monitoring Oil Palm Plantations Using Optical and SAR Space borne Data On going Agriculture
Sri Lanka Developing and Implementing an Operational Prototype for Advanced Flood Forecasting, Early Warning, and Data Sharing System in the Kalu Ganga Basin, Sri Lanka On going Water, Weather
Malaysia Efficient Oil Palm Management Prototyping Using 3D GIS For Replanting Program On going Energy, Agriculture
Mekong River Commission (MRC) Deploying GSMaP for Decision Support in Transboundary Catchments in the Lower Mekong Basin On going Water, Weather
Vietnam Assessment and evaluation of the erosion and sedimentation on the coast around Ma river estuary in Vietnam Completed Water, Climate
Vietnam Utilizing Satellite Data, Numerical Rainfall Forecasts, Combining with Ground Observations in Flood Forecasting for the Thai Binh River System Completed Water, Weather
Indonesia SAR Technology Application for Paddy Crop Monitoring in Central Area of Paddy Production, in Indonesia Completed Agriculture
Vietnam Rice Crop Monitoring in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam Completed Agriculture
Malaysia Monitoring of Agricultural Land Abandonment Using Remote Sensing Completed Agriculture
Indonesia The assessment of Mangrove Forest Carbon Stock Monitoring of Indonesia using Remote Sensing Approach Completed Ecosystems, Climate
Indonesia Assessment of drought impact on rice production in Indonesia by satellite remote sensing and dissemination with web-GIS Completed Climate, Agriculture
Cambodia Water and Food Security under the Climate Change Completed Water, Weather, Climate, Agriculture
Bangladesh Investigation of sedimentation process and stability of the area around the cross-dams in Meghna estuary Completed Ecosystems, Climate
Sri Lanka Mapping and Detecting Wetlands in River Basin Completed Ecosystems, Biodiversity
Thailand Economic Fish Larvae Mapping and Monitoring Completed Ecosystems, Climate
Vietnam Mangrove Forest Mapping and Carbon Stock Estimation Completed Ecosystems, Climate
Pakistan Monitoring Water Cycle Variations & Assessing Climate Change Impacts Completed Water, Climate
Sri Lanka Modeling ocean frontal zones using high resolution satellite and float data to locate tune fish aggregations Completed Ecosystems, Climate
Indonesia Potential Drought Monitoring Completed Weather, Climate, Agriculture
Sri Lanka Risk of Sea Level Rise on Coastal Zone Completed Climate
Cambodia Water Cycle and Agricultural Activities Completed Water, Weather, Climate, Agriculture
Lao PDR Forest monitoring and management Completed Weather, Climate
Vietnam Integrated water resource management Completed Water
Vietnam Forest monitoring Completed Climate