About SAFE Prototyping

< Last Update: March 2016 >

SAFE prototyping is a trial to apply space technology applications for solving environmental issues in Asia-Pacific region. By utilizing space technology and getting technical support by experts, prototype executers can construct the system which supports decision making activities.

Overview image of The SAFE implementation structure consists of three functions: prototyping executor, technical supporter, and data & application creator

SAFE holds the workshop once a year. In the workshop, new prototypes are approved and the progress of on-going prototypes are confirmed. Every prototype is limited for two years period and all activities are operated by volunteer manner. SAFE prototype consists of Prototyping Executors, Technical Supporters, and Data & Application Creators.

1. Prototyping Executor

The prototyping executor should be public agencies for the environmentthat have the authority to carry out SAFE prototyping as official. The prototyping executors proceed the prototyping activity through interaction with the other two groups (technical supporter, and data & application creator).

2. Technical Supporter

The technical supporter should be an educational agency to support executors on technical aspects and scientific approach. They can provide the valuable advice and new and high-end knowledge on using satellite technology and so on.

3. Data & Application Creator

The data & application creator should be space related agencies. They can create satellite datasets and/or analyzing tools to support environment monitoring in the prototyping activity.