SAFE Terms of Reference

< Last Update: 8 Mar. 2017 >


Recognizing the spirit of the recommendations of the Fifteenth Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF-15) held in Hanoi, Vietnam,

Confirming the vital role of space technologies for environmental monitoring, including climate change mitigation and adaptation studies, as well as other environment related practical applications,

Confirming SAFE as one of APRSAF voluntary initiatives,

Realizing the importance of the sustainable implementation and deployment of SAFE initiatives, especially prototypic activities,

The participants in the 2nd workshop for Space Applications For Environment held on June 28 and 29 2010 in Colombo Sri Lanka agreed on the Terms of Reference (TOR) as follows;

Item 1 Purpose

The terms of reference define the relationships and responsibilities of SAFE Prototypic Project Implementer, including Data and Application Creators, Technical Supporters, Prototype Executors, and the Prototype Review Board. The aim is to encourage environmental monitoring for climate change mitigation and adaptation studies, as well as studies on other forms of environment related practical applications, through effective utilization of space technologies. In particular, satellite remote sensing technology enables observation of earth from the space, and provides the basis to measure some of the changing environmental parameters in various disciplines, such as water resources, ocean and coastal environment, land cover, forest systems, agriculture, and ecosystems.

Item 2 Implementer

1. SAFE Prototype Implementer

  1. SAFE prototype implementer shall belong to the APRSAF participating countries, or can be any regional/international organization working on environment related research and applications in the Asia-Pacific region.
  2. SAFE prototype implementer shall consist of data and application creators, technical supporters and prototype executors defined in each prototype proposal.

2. SAFE Review Board

  1. SAFE review board members are nominated by SAFE Secretariat depending on the nature of the prototypic project.
  2. SAFE review board is co-chaired by JAXA and the local workshop organizer.
  3. SAFE review board evaluates new prototypes proposed by prospective implementers, provides suggestions and recommendation in endorsing proposed prototypes for approval at SAFE Workshop.

Item 3 Responsibilityas

1. SAFE prototype implementer shall conduct the following activities;

  • Proceed and manage the respective SAFE prototypic activity during two years of SAFE prototype period by utilizing the SAFE Project Design Matrix (PDM) which is developed at the initiation of its implementation, and regularly reviewed and updated after the progress report at each SAFE workshop and APRSAF as necessary in cooperation with the SAFE Secretariat and technical supporters.
  • Maintain the points of contact
  • Publish and promote the result of the respective SAFE prototypic activity
  • Participate and report the status and outcomes of prototypic activities to SAFE workshop and/or APRSAF including Earth Observation Working Group (EOWG) of APRSAF
  • Stimulate to transfer successful SAFE prototypic activity achievements to put into practice in an appropriate operational framework.

2. SAFE prototype implementer should hold the following responsibilities

  • Prototype executor shall implement SAFE prototype and promote capacity building and outreach of the respective prototypic activity to transfer knowledge to operational and practical use in cooperation with technical supporters
  • Technical supporters shall assist as would be necessary the prototype executor including technical aspects through capacity building via training programs, etc.
  • Data and Application creators shall create and provide satellite datasets and/or analyzing tools to help implement SAFE prototype.

3. SAFE prototype implementer shall seek other SAFE fraternity to support their activities and the members are expected to extend their kind support in resolving pertinent problems.

Item 4 SAFE prototype projects authorization process

1. Call for proposals for SAFE new prototype projects will be advertised by the SAFE secretariat generally before SAFE workshop. APRSAF participating countries and international/regional organizations working on environmental research and applications respond to this request by submitting proposals.

2. Proponents of new prototype proposals are requested to attend SAFE workshop and present their proposals for evaluation by a review board.

3. Recommended prototype projects by the review board are submitted to the SAFE workshop for approval.

4. Review board reports the decision taken by SAFE workshop regarding new prototype proposals at APRSAF.

5. Approved SAFE prototypes will be launched by SAFE Prototype Implementer upon the notification by the SAFE Secretariat.

Item 4-1 SAFE prototype projects termination/suspension process

1. When SAFE Secretariat / SAFE co-chair / a SAFE prototype technical support and/or a SAFE prototype executer find some difficulty to proceed a SAFE prototype project as planned SAFE secretariat should be informed with the reason as soon as possible. After receiving request for termination or suspense, SAFE Secretariat a report shall submit to the review board to review and recommend for termination or suspension of the prototype.

2. Following the recommendation of the review board, SAFE executor will be requested to compile a report on accomplishment achieved, issues related for the request of suspension or termination in cooperation with a technical support to SAFE secretariat.

3. Request to re-start a suspended prototype could be made to the SAFE Secretariat within the specified 2 year period of the prototype with evidence to resolve the issues that lead to the suspension. SAFE Secretariat will assess the request and if necessary consult the review board in approving the continuation.

Item 4-2 SAFE prototype projects follow-up

1. In a case where SAFE prototype is not ensured operational and sustainable use of the end results, a proposal can be submitted for "SAFE Follow-Up" extending for additional 1 year subject to the approval based on criteria given in proceeding sub-sections,

2. Criteria for considering completing prototypes for follow-up

  1. Clarify the action items that will be taken to operationalize the prototype during the extended period with reasons for the extension from the original plan,
  2. Demonstration of a feasible and operational work plan for sustainable implementation of the prototype outcome/system independently or with a donor/aid agency,

3. Request for follow-up should be submitted to SAFE Secretariat before the end of 2 years period following the criteria outlined.

4. Proposal for follow-up will be reviewed by the Review Board and prototype implementers have to defend the proposal in the SAFE Workshop. If the follow-up proposal is approved by the Review Board, the completion, progress submission, and reporting will follow the same conditions defined in article Item 2.1 and Item 3.

Item 5 SAFE workshop

1. SAFE workshop will be held at least once a year to exchange SAFE prototypic activities and new developments in the field.

2. SAFE workshop should ideally be held and hosted in a country of prototype implementer. If there is no voluntary proponent, workshop will be held in any other APRSAF participating country. The host organizations will make reasonable efforts to support and promote the SAFE Workshop activities.

3. SAFE review board will take part in SAFE workshops to review new SAFE prototype proposals.

Item 5-1 Stakeholder Meeting

1. The executor shall hold A SAFE stakeholder meeting inviting potential operational users for presenting and demonstrating the results of the SAFE prototyping before the end of prototype period.

2. The executor shall chair the stakeholder meeting supported by technical supporter, SAFE secretariat and EO working group co-chair.

3. The executor shall invite potential user to attend the stakeholder meeting to promote the SAFE prototype project accomplishments and make a report of the stakeholder meeting at SAFE Secretariat

4. The executor shall report the content of Stakeholder meeting to a SAFE Workshop.

Item 6 Secretariat

1. The secretariat for the SAFE initiative shall be managed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

2. The secretariat shall call for new SAFE prototype proposals from APRSAF participating countries.

3. The secretariat shall coordinate with SAFE Implementer and accordingly APRSAF participating countries in holding SAFE workshops.

4. SAFE Secretariat shall nominate a review board for approving the Prototype Proposals at the SAFE Workshop.