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202103_China_thumb.png Mar, 2021
GOSAT TANSO-CAI observed 12-year air pollution fluctuations in China
The aerosols around Beijing have been increasing and decreasing over the last 12 years.
202103_India_thumb.png Mar, 2021
GOSAT-2/TANSO-CAI-2 observed reducing air pollution in northern India.
Aerosols decreased and air pollution in this area improved in March 2020.
202010_ANA_thumb.png Oct, 2020
1st Atmospheric composition measurement by satellite and passenger aircraft
On October 26th and 27th, 2020, JAXA's spectrometers were installed in the passenger cabin on ANA's Haneda-Fukuoka flights to observe atmospheric composition over major Japanese megacities.
202007_Australia.png Jul, 2020
The forest fires in Australia from 2019 to 2020
The forest fires have occurred in Australia from September 2019 to February 2020.
202002_Amazon_Bicolor_River_en.png Feb, 2020
Bicolor Rivers of Amazon
The two colors of the Amazon River basin were observed by GOSAT.
201903_ForestFiresOfTasmaniaIsland.png Mar, 2019
Forest fires of Tasmania Island
The forest fires occurred in Tasmania Island south of Australia.
201901_KarmanCloudVortices.png Jan, 2019
Karman Cloud Vortices
TANSO-CAI observed Karman cloud vortices around Guadalupe Island in Mexico, Jeju Island, and Yakushima Island.
lcano.png September, 2018
Fuego volcano in Guatemala Eruption
On June 3, 2018, the Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupted.
201803_ship_tracks.png March, 2018
The ship tracks over the Atlantic Ocean
GOSAT/TANSO-CAI observed the ship tracks over the Atlantic Ocean on January 16, 2018.
201803_eruption_kamchatka.png March, 2018
Huge polynya of the Antarctic Ocean formed for the first time in 40 years
A huge polynya has suddenly formed in the Antarctic Ocean covered with sea ice in middle of September 2017.
201803_huge_polynya.png March, 2018
Eruption of Mt. Bezymianny on the Kamchatka Peninsula
Mt. Bezymianny in the eastern part of the Kamchatka Peninsula erupted on December 20, 2017.
201712_SaddlebagGlacier.png December, 2017
Dust formed by Saddlebag Glacier
The dust is blown from the Saddlebag Glacier located in the southwestern Alaska every late autumn.
201710_Shinmoedake.png October, 2017
Eruption of Mount Shinmoedake volcano
Mt. Shinmoedake located at the prefectural border of Kagoshima and Miyazaki has erupted since October 11, 2017.
201710_Oregon.png October, 2017
Wildfire and air pollution in Oregon
In 2017, wildfires have occurred frequently since July and continued in Oregon, USA.
201701_Cambodia.png January, 2017
Area variation of Lake Tonlé Sap (Cambodia)
Lake Tonlé Sap is a fresh water lake in Cambodia. During rainy season (from May to October), the water area of the lake expands to more than 3 times as large as area in dry season (from November to April).
201612_India.png December, 2016
Controlled Burn and Air Pollution in India
The Indian government took emergency action to close schools and halt building construction in New Delhi due to air pollution on November 6, 2016.
201609_Lake_Urmia.png September, 2016
Lake Urmia (Iran) reddening and shrinking
Lake Urmia, which is a salt lake of Iran turns red color in dry season. As shown in Fig. 1, the lake color was blue in TANSO-CAI observation image on April 24, 2016.
201607_wildfire_California.png July, 2016
Wildfire in California
In California, the wildfire occurred in Santa Barbara on June 16, 2016 and Angeles National Forest on June 20, 2016.
201605_wildfire_FortMcMurray.png May, 2016
Forest fire in Fort McMurray, Canada
A big wildfire occurred in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada on May 15, 2016.
201511_Mt.Rinjani December, 2015
Rinjani volcano (Indonesia) eruption
Rinjani volcano on Lombok Island, Indonesia erupted on November 4, 2015. The images of GOSAT/TANSO-CAI were taken on November 4, 2015.
201510_wildfire_Indnesia October, 2015
Smoke hazard by large-scale wildfires in Indonesia
Ibuki observed the drifting smokes by large-scale wildfires occurred inSumatra and Kalimantan, Indonesia.
201505_Kuchinoerabu May, 2015
A volcano on Kuchinoerabu Island, Kagoshima Prefecture eruption
GOSAT observed volcanic smoke erupted from Mt. Shindake on Kuchinoerabu Island, Kagoshima Prefecture at 13:25 on May 29, 2015.
201504_Mt.Calbuco April, 2015
Mt. Calbuco eruption
Mt. Calbuco (2,015 m elevation) erupted on April 22, 2015, after aninterval of 54 years.
201411_Mt.Aso November, 2014
Mt. Aso eruption
Mt.Aso, Nakadake(1,506 m elevation), which is located in Kumamoto prefectures, erupted at 1:11 am on November 25, 2014.
201409_Ontakesan September, 2014
Mt. Onatake eruption
Mt. Ontake (3,067 m elevation), which is located on the border of Nagano and Gifu prefectures, erupted with pyroclastic flows at 2:52 am on September 27, 2014.
201408_OCO2_FirstLight August, 2014
OCO-2 spacecraft observed "First Light" over Papua New Guinea.
On August 6th, NASA's OCO-2 (Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2) spacecraft observed "First Light" over Papua New Guinea.
201405_Flood_Balkan May, 2014
Flood in Balkan
On 13 May, 2014, the extra-tropical cyclone designated "Tamara" formed over the Adriatic Sea.
201405_Sakurajima May, 2014
Sakurajima volcano
Sakurajima volcano erupted explosively from Showa crater (~ 800m elevation) at 1:07 am on May 10, 2014. The volcanic plume rose up to about 4500 m height.
201402_indnesia_volcano february, 2014
Mt. Kelud eruption in Java Island
Mt. Kelud in Java Island erupted on February 13, 2014. A large amount of volcanic ash emitted to the atmosphere and forced the airport to shut down in Eastern Java Island.
201311_Pine_Glacier November, 2013
Pine glacier in Antarctica
A big iceberg calved from Pine Island Glacier and begun to drift to the Antarctic Ocean on November, 2013.
201311_annular_eclipse November, 2013
Hyblid eclipse
Hybrid eclipse occurred from the Pacific Ocean to Africa on November 3, 2013.
201311_Typhoon_Phillippine November, 2013
Typhoon "Haiyan"
Typhoon "Haiyan" (typhoon No. 30) occurred on November 4, 2013 and developed rapidly as it moved to westward on the Pacific Ocean.
201310_Typhoon_Japan October, 2013
Typhoon "Wipha" "Francisco"
Typhoon "Wipha" (typhoon No. 26) occurred near the Mariana Islands on October 11, 2013 and moved to northwest direction as increasing the intensity.
201308_forestfire_Yosemite August, 2013
The big forest fire near Yosemite National Park
A forest fire occurred near Yosemite National Park in California on August 17, 2013.
201308_Sakurajima August, 2013
Sakurajima volcano eruption
Sakurajima volcano erupted explosively from Showa crater (~ 800 m elevation) at 4:31 pm on August 18, 2013.
201305_Cyclone_India May, 2013
Cyclone "Mahasen" in Bangladesh
Cyclone "Mahasen" moved in a northeast direction in eastern of Indian Ocean. The cyclone landed on the southwestern of Bangladesh on May 16, 2013 and caused flood damage on the coast.
201112_Flood_Thailand December, 2011
Flood in Thailand
From July to December 2011, the big flood occurred in Thailand. It would appear that the water-covered area in Chao-playa River looks blue in center of these images.

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