NewsArea variation of Lake Tonlé Sap (Cambodia)

Lake Tonlé Sap is a fresh water lake in Cambodia. During rainy season (from May to October), the water area of the lake expands to more than 3 times as large as in dry season (from November to April). Fig. 1 shows Lake Tonlé Sap observed by TANSO-CAI in 2016. The lake gradually expanded from August. The water level also rose up to about 10 m in addition to expanding of the water area.
This is a natural phenomenon that occurs every year. It generates planktons and makes a good fishing place. Therefore, people who live in this region adapted to this change, such as living on the water and operating a fishery.

※The TANSO-CAI image was composed of band2 (674nm) in red, band3 (870nm) in green and band1 (380nm) in blue.

Fig. 1. The area variation of Lake Tonlé Sap.

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