• ALOS-4, DAICHI-4

    An L-band SAR mission achieving wide swath observation with high resolution, as successor of "DAICHI-2" (ALOS-2). To be launched in JFY2022.

  • ALOS-3, DAICHI-3

    An optical mission achieving high resolution observation with wide swath, as successor of optical mission of "DAICHI" (ALOS). To be launched in JFY2021.

  • ALOS-2, DAICHI-2

    Follow-on mission of L-band SAR from "DAICHI" (ALOS), which contributes for a variety of purposes, including disaster monitoring, forest distribution, and analysis of crustal movement.


    This project aimed to contribute various earth observation field as mapping, disaster monitoring, and resource surveying in global.

  • JERS-1, FUYO-1

    The first satellite in Japan equipped with L-band synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and stereoscopic optical instrument and observed global land area for various purposes.