Advanced Land Observing Satellite-4 (ALOS-4)

The Advanced Land Observing Satellite-4 (ALOS-4) is a successor of the SAR mission of ALOS and ALOS-2. ALOS-4 will be equipped with the phased array type L-band synthetic aperture radar (PALSAR-3).

The observation swath of ALOS-4 will be drastically increased from 50 km (ALOS-2) to 200 km while keeping the high resolution.


Launch JFY2022 - by H3 launch vehicle
Orbit Same orbit as ALOS-2
Sun-synchronous sub-recurrent orbit
Altitude: 628km
Inclination angle: 97.9 degree
Local sun time at descending: 12:00 ± 15min.
Revisit time: 14 day (15-3/14 rev/day)
Life time 7 years
Size X 10.0m x Y 20.0m x Z 6.4m
Satellite Mass ~ 2,990kg
Downlink 1.8/3.6 Gbps (Ka-band)
Mission Instruments
PALSAR-3(Phased Array type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar-3)
SPAISE3 (SPace based AIS Experiment 3)
Coverage of 1 repeat cycle (14days)
ALOS-4 PALSAR-3(200km)
ALOS-4 PALSAR-3(200km)
ALOS-4 PALSAR-2(50km)
ALOS-2 PALSAR-2(50km)