High-Resolution Land Use and Land Cover Map Products

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 You can switch layers with check boxes.

1. Overview

We, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Earth Observation Research Center (EORC) ALOS/ALOS-2 Science Project and "Earth Observation Priority Research: Ecosystem Research Group", published the High-Resolution Land Use and Land Cover (HRLULC) map.

We are also developing classification algorithms and collecting reference data as a part of a joint research project "High-resolution land use land cover map" with Associate Professor Kenlo Nishida Nasahara (University of Tsukuba). The HRLULC maps, algorithms and reference data will be updated in the future.

2. Dataset description

For details, please see the page of each product.

2.1 The newest version
2.2 Old version

[ ] indicates period of acquisition of the data used for the product, and a version number indicates the release timing (year and month). (Example: [2018 ∼ 2020](ver.21.11) means the LULC map was created from the satellite data mainly acquired during the period from the year 2018 to the year 2020, and was released in November 2021.)
Low resolution maps (50 ~ 500m), which were produced by downsampling of the original map (10m ~ 30m) with the majority rule, are also available on the download page.

3. Download

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4. Note for data use

This dataset is available to use with no charge under the "Terms for Use".
For commercial use, please contact us with the address shown in the final section.
A part of this dataset may include missclassification. If this map is very different from the current land use, please contact us too.

5. About data utilization

About decompression of data
The downloaded file is compressed into one file by tar.gz and software may be necessary for this decompression. For example, 7-Zip is available as free software.
Displaying and using data

"High-Resolution Land Use and Land Cover Map Products" has a GeoTIFF data format, and software such as image processing, remote sensing, GIS, etc. is required for display and use.
You can use software released free of charge, for example,

It is widely used software for the general public.

Please note that the free software introduced here is only an example, and it is not necessarily guaranteed by JAXA. Please understand that JAXA can not answer any questions about software.
Please refer to these and use "High-Resolution Land Use and Land Cover Map Products".

6. Contact

ALOS-2/ALOS Science Project

Earth Observation Research Center (EORC)

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)


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