Calibration and Validation

ALOS-4 Calibration/Validation and Science Team

The ALOS-4 CVST (Calibration/Validation and Science Team) will conduct the following research on calibration/validation of standard products and maintenance of validation data (calibration/validation) as one of the themes of the EORC Earth Observation Research Announcement.

  • Methods of calibration, validation, and accuracy improvement for standard products
  • Assessing accuracy and applicability of standard products from the initial Cal/Val phase to the beginning of the operational phase
  • Development and sharing of high-level products and analysis tools for fundamental applications
  • Experiment and demonstration using new features of ALOS-4 such as ionospheric correction mode, extended swath width, and frequent time-series data.
  • Research and assessment on cross-calibration with other SAR satellites
  • Research on new technology for future missions
ALOS-4 Calibration/Validation and Science Team Members
Name Institution Research Theme
Angel Matias Palomeque CONAE ALOS-4/PALSAR-3 external calibration and cross-validation with SAOCOM
Bernd Scheuchl University of California, Irvine Validation of ALOS-4/PALSAR-3 for ice sheet applications
Bruce Chapman Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology Evaluation of NISAR calibration targets with ALOS-2 and ALOS-4 imagery
Chin Shi Tong Nanyang Technological University Maximizing potential of ALOS-4 for disaster response in south and southeast Asia
Cunren Liang Peking University InSAR algorithm development and product validation for ALOS-2 and the upcoming ALOS-4 satellites
Howard Zebker Stanford University Phase calibration and validation of ALOS-4 data products for InSAR applications
Konstantinos Papathanassiou German Aerospace Center Polarimetric (PolSAR) and polarimetric interferometric (Pol-InSAR) calibration of ALOS-4 data
Malin Johansson UiT The Arctic University of Norway Improved Arctic Sea ice classification, thickness mapping and iceberg detection using a multi-sensor approach
Marc Thibeault CONAE Crops classification and soil moisture estimation over cropland in Argentina using cross calibration with SAOCOM
Masanobu Shimada Tokyo Denki University Calibration and validation of PALSAR-3
Masato Furuya Hokkaido University Dispersive phases in PALSAR-2/3 InSAR
Paul Siqueira University of Massachusetts Comparison of ALOS-4 calibration with NISAR
Ridha Touzi Canada Centre for Remote Sensing Calibration of polarimetric ALOS-4/PALSAR-3 and validation through key applications
Ryo Natsuaki University of Tokyo Validation of PALSAR-3 and PALSAR-2 interferometric analysis
Takenobu Toyota Hokkaido University Validation of the algorithm with L-band SAR data for detecting deformed sea ice area in the Arctic Ocean
Taku Ozawa National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience (NIED) Evaluation of PALSAR-3/InSAR for surface deformation detection
Tomokazu Kobayashi Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) ALOS-4-based nationwide monitoring of ground deformation
Urs Wegmüller Gamma Remote Sensing AG ALOS-4 ionospheric correction and cross-sensor interferometry
Yohei Kinoshita University of Tsukuba Development of improved InSAR atmospheric delay correction method toward millimeter-accuracy displacement detection and its application for aseismic deformation researches