17th Science Team meeting - Program

Date:   March 27 - 29, 2012 (Tue. - Thu.)
Venue:    RESTEC (Remote Sensing Technology Center of JAPAN) HQ (Kamiya-cho, Tokyo)
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Agenda March 27 (Tue.), 28 (Wed.), 29 (Thu.), 2012
   Meeting Program (pdf, 39KB) download    
March 27 (Tue.), 2012
  RESTEC HQ / Kamiya-cho, Tokyo
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10:00-10:15 Welcome (Masanobu Shimada, JAXA)
10:15-11:30 Background for new Science Team members
 ·The ALOS Kyoto & Carbon Initiative - Ake Rosenqvist, K&C coordinator download
 ·The ALOS PALSAR mission (obituary) - Masanobu Shimada, JAXA download
 ·The PALSAR Systematic Observation Strategy - Ake Rosenqvist download
11:30-12:15 PALSAR data request and distribution procedures
 ·Full resolution data through AUIG - Ake Rosenqvist, for Order Desk download
 ·PALSAR mosaics and path image request procedures and EORC product transfer procedures - Takashi Ogawa, RESTEC download
  12:15-13:30    LUNCH
13:30-17:00 Science Team plans for Phase-3 (20+5 minutes)
 ·Validation of JAXA's forest/non-forest and forest cover change maps from Amazonia and Cerrado - Edson Sano (IBAMA / Brazil) download
 ·Forest Cover Change and Biomass Mapping in Vietnam amd Cameroon - Thuy Le Toan (CESBIO / France) download
 ·Quantifying forest degradation and associated drivers in the Congo Basin - Aurelie Shapiro (WWF-Germany) download
 ·Forest Resource Inventory and Monitoring for REDD+ Project in Mozambique - Pachis Mugas (NDLF / Mozambique) download
 15:10-15:30    Coffee
 ·PALSAR Intensities and Coherence for Forest Cover and Change Mapping and Biomass Retrieval - Huettich / Stelmaszczuk (FSU-Jena / Germany) download
 ·Combined Use of SAR, InSAR and Lidar for Measuring Forest Biomass and Structure in the Northeastern United States - Paul Siqueira (Univ. Mass / USA) download
~17:00 Adjourn
 17:30 Welcome Recetion Restaurant Platinum Fish
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March 28 (Wed.), 2012
  RESTEC HQ / Kamiya-cho, Tokyo
   pdf file
10:00-10:30 JAXA EORC global mosaic and forest mapping activities (Masanobu Shimada)
 ·Global forest cover and biomass mapping effort and JAXA forest mapping activities in Indonesia - M. Shimada and EORC Team download
10:30-12:15 Science Team plans for Phase-3 (20+5 minutes)
 ·Collaborative research for forest carbon tracking in Sumatra - Musyarofah / Indriasari / Sambodo (LAPAN / Indonesia) download
 ·Land Cover Mapping of Sulawesi using ALOS PALSAR - Darmawan Mulyanto (Bakosurtanal / Indonesia) download
 ·Application of ALOS PALSAR for Above Ground Biomass: Estimation in several types of wetland vegetation, dryland forest and plantation forest in Indonesia - I Nengah Surati Jaya (Bogor Univ. / Indonesia) download
 ·Data acquisition plan and status in Sumatra - Manabu Watanabe (JAXA EORC) download
  12:15-13:30    LUNCH
13:30-14:30 Science Team plans for Phase-3 (20+5 minutes)
 ·Aboveground Biomass and Carbon Stock Mapping and Changes Monitoring in the Forest of Peninsular Malaysia Using L-Band ALOS PALSAR and JERS-1 - Hamdan bin Omar (FRIM / Malaysia) download
 ·Climate-relevant Modernization of the National Forest Policy and Piloting of REDD+ Measures in the Philippines - José Don Alban (FFI / Philippines) download
 ·Methodology Development for MRV and Reference Emission Levels for REDD+ in Vanuatu - Francisco Tavora (GIZ / Philippines) download
 ·The ALOS PALSAR North America mosaic - Bruce Chapman (JPL / USA) download
15:00-15:30 Forest Theme project issues - Ake Rosenqvist download
15:30-17:00 ALOS-2 Session
 ·ALOS-2 - system characteristics and development status - M. Shimada
·ALOS-2 Systematic Observation Strategy: status and plans - Ake Rosenqvist
 ·Open floor discussions: Science Team feed-back
~17:00 Adjourn
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March 29 (Thu.), 2012
  RESTEC HQ / Kamiya-cho, Tokyo
   pdf file
10:00-12:15 Science Team plans for Phase-3 - Wetlands
 ·The K&C Wetland Theme and the Global Mangrove Watch initiative: background and objectives - A. Rosenqvist download
 ·Mangrove extent, change and structure in Africa and the Americas - Naiara Pinto (UMD / USA) download
 ·Brief introduction to CIFOR protocols for the measurement, monitoring and reporting of structure, biomass and carbon stocks in mangrove forests - Lisa Rebelo (IWMI / Laos) download
 ·Mangrove Watch activities in the Philippines - José Don Alban (FFI / Philippines) download
 ·K&C Global Mangrove Watch - Richard Lucas, Ake Rosenqvist, Lisa Rebelo download
  12:15-13:30    LUNCH
13:30-15:00 The K&C Global Mangrove Watch - Work session download
 ·Summary of KC#16 discussions and outcomes
·Discussions on technical / practical issues
·Draft work plan
·Joint publications
·Planning for Ramsar Convention COP-11 events
15:00 Summary and conclusions
~15:00 Closing of the KC#17 Science Team meeting