Dataset Homepage

This page shows the research products processed in EORC, JAXA. These will be used in many application fields to contribute the Earth science.

  • IPY Dataset Homepage
    The PALSAR 500m Browse Mosaic of Antarctica for cycle38. Monitoring the north and south polar regions using PALSAR for contributing " International Polar Year ".

  • Precise Global Digital 3D Map "ALOS World 3D" Homepage
    Digital 3D Map Using DAICHI (ALOS), Image Example: Mt. Everest JAXA is starting to process the precise global digital 3D map using some 3 million data images acquired by the ALOS. The digital 3D map to be compiled this time has the world's best precision of five meters in spatial resolution with five meters height accuracy that enables us to express land terrain all over the world. Hence its strong character will prove useful in various areas including mapping, damage prediction of a natural disaster, water resource research etc.