3 rd Science Team meeting - Announcement

Date   October 14 - 15, 2002
Venue     Friedrich-Schiller University (FSU), Jena, Germany
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October 14 (Monday)
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(1) Welcome & Registration
 Welcome remarks (Prof. Dr. Dr. habil. Cristian Russel, Pro-Rektor of Fredrich-Schiller University Jena)
 Logistical issues (C. Schmullius, Fredrich-Schller Univ.)
(2) Background & Status up-date
 The agenda and meeting objectives (A. Rosenqvist, NASDA EORC) Objectives
 The Kyoto & Carbon Initiative - a brief introduction (A. Rosenqvist) KC-intro
 Caracteristics of the K&C acquisition strategies for ALOS and ADEOS-II (A. Rosenqvist) ALOS-obsplan
 ALOS acquisition simulation results (M. Watanabe, NASDA EORC) Watanabe-ALOS-sim-res
(3) Support to carbon science and international agreements
 CARBOEUROPE- The carbon cycle research program of the EU and the move towards more Remote Sensing input (R. Zimmermann, MPI-BGC) Zimmermann-CARBOEUROPE
 E.O. support to the Kyoto Protocol (Y. Rauste, VTT) Rauste-KP-EO
 Potential support to water prospecting in arid Africa by SAR (P. Paillou, Obs. Astr. Bordeaux) Paillow-watersupply
 FAO activies and data needs - potentials for ALOS support (P. Reichert, FAO)
(4) Synergy with other international efforts
 SIBERIA-II and the Boreas-Machine (C. Schmullius, FSU)
 Continental-scale mosaicking over Siberia-GBFM status up-date and implications for ALOS (Y. Rauste, VTT) Rauste-GBFM-Siberia
 Forest biomass estimation by Pol-InSAR - Performance analysis for ALOS PALSAR (A. Moreira, DLR) Moreira-Pol-InSAR
(5) Product Working Group Session
 Products defined at the 2nd Science Panel meeting in Santa Barbara
 Outline of the WG session (A. Rosenqvist) WG-session-intro
 WG discussions (All participants - division into sub-groups)
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October 15 (Tuesday)
(1) Product Working Group Session (cont'd)
 Summarizing the WG discussions (All participants)
(2) Working Group presentations and discussions
 WG presentation 1 - Boreal and Temperate ARD and Wetlands(C. Schmullius, FSU) WG-boreal
 WG presentation 2a - Arid Products - (Water supply)(P. Paillou, OAB) WG-arid
(3) Working Group presentations and discussions
 WG presentation 2b - Tropical Products (R. Lucas, Univ. of Wales Aberystwyth) WG-tropical
(4) Summing up & additional issues
 Reaching consensus on target products (All participants)
 PALSAR processing chain at EORC (Rosenqvist / Shimada, NASDA, EORC) Shimada-SigmaSAR
 Conclusions (A. Rosenqvist)