Open the Call for Proposals for SAFE Prototyping

< Last Update: 31 march 2015 >

SAFE secretariat is happy to announce the call for proposals of new SAFE prototyping. Detail of this initiative and information for proposal submission is available at

All the proposals to be received at the secretariat will be reviewed by a review board meeting at the next SAFE Workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 17th June 2015.

The deadline of proposal submission is 8th of May (Fri), 2015.

Proposals should submit completing the "SAFE PRTOTYPE Application Form", "Time Schedule" and "Statement of participation in the SAFE initiative" using templates below, filling them appropriately.

Guideline for presentation at SAFE Workshop is given in below for reference. It is suggested to follow the guideline.

Completed document should be submitted by due date in MS Word and/or PDF format via email to SAFE Secretariat.


SAFE secretariat


Tel:+81 50 3362 7938