The 4th SAFE Workshop at Perth, Australia

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The 4th SAFE Workshop was successfully held at the NOVOTEL hotel in Perth, Australia on 22 and 23 May 2012 hosted by DIISRO as local organizer, and 31 participants attended first day and 37 participants attended second day.



The 1st day, the progress of 5 ongoing prototypes was confirmed and three new prototypes (Cambodia, Indonesia, and Bangladesh) out of 4 proposals were approved as a result of review and discussion.
This time, several earth observation activities in Australia was introduced and conducted excursion to the Landgate on the 2nd day afternoon, introduced and shared activities providing information of earth observation.

The night of 2nd, The party hosted by Australian colleagues was heart-fully and warm-fully held, and suddenly happen happy birthday song by SAFE WS participants to cheer for a guy to work for SAFE WS in his birthday.


Workshop Report from secretariat

4 new prototype proposals presented:

  1. Paddy production estimation for strengthening food security (Indonesia)
  2. Water & Food Security under climate change in Western Cambodia (Cambodia)
  3. Glacier Change Detection in Western Mongolia (Mongolia)
  4. Assessment of Morphological Changes in the Meghna Estuary (Bangladesh)

Progress reports on on-going prototypes:

  1. Monitoring Water Cycle Variations and Assessing Climate Change Impacts on them in Pakistan/ Flood in Pakistan
  2. Use of satellite data derived ocean colour & SST information for Thailand fisheries
  3. Modeling ocean frontal zones using high resolution satellite and float data to locate tuna fish aggregations in Sri Lankan waters
  4. Carbon stock calculations & forest change assessment towards REDD+ for mangroves (Vietnam)
  5. Mapping and change detection of wetlands in SE river basin in Sri Lanka using optical and PALSAR remote sensing

Result of Reviewing New Proposals

1Water and Food Security under the Climate Change in Western CambodiaApproved
2Development of Satellite Based Drought Information System for Rice Farming in IndonesiaApproved
3Use of High Resolution Satellite Imagery for Glacier Change Detection in Western MongoliaRecommended to be Revised
4Assessment of Morphological Changes in the Meghna Estuary of BangladeshApproved

Reviewer"s comments

Indonesia (Paddy production) - APPROVED

  1. Clarify the project title to better reflect the scope and objectives (drought index)
  2. Confirm relationships with LAPAN and end users

Cambodia (Water/Food Security) - APPROVED

  1. End-user connection needs to be defined
  2. Clear specification of the SAFE value-added in context of existing activities

Mongolia (Glacier monitoring) - REVISE

  1. Revise the proposal to expand and clarify on the scope and relevant data, driven by user needs
  2. Feasibility of data availability for study years is a prerequisite

Bangladesh (Estuarine change) - APPROVED

  1. Clarify the project title to better reflect the scope and objectives
  2. Confirm distinction with ADB projects

Progress on Ongoing Prototypes

Pakistan (Water Cycle & Climate Change)

  1. Confirmed progress of prototyping and plan for completion of testing & tuning of WEB-DHM
  2. Raised the prospect of a time extension for the prototyping activity and requested to report to APRSAF19 after having the stakeholder meeting in August

Thailand (Fishery)

  1. Confirmed progress of prototyping including use of MODIS and plans for stakeholder meeting in Nov 2012
  2. Requested to provide final report to APRSAF19 and ACRS2012

Sri Lanka (Ocean Frontal Modeling)

  1. Confirmed progress, including model improvements - and plans for swimming depth prediction and validation. User supply was emphasized. Fax, digital kiosks and direct broadcast being considered
  2. Requested to do prototype model comparison with public historical datasets and existing OGC models
  3. Raised the prospect of a time extension for the prototyping activity and requested to provide final report to APRSAF19

Vietnam (Mangrove)

  1. Confirmed progress, including field surveys, data processing mapping, biomass modeling, carbon stock calculations and change assessment, validation, and reporting activities.
  2. Stakeholder meeting planned in Hanoi later in 2012
  3. Requested to provide final report to APRSAF19

Sri Lanka (Wetlands)

  1. Confirmed progress


  • Confirmed recent successful launch of GCOM-W1 and anticipated near future data stream, and subsequent launches of ALOS-2/3 and GCOM-C
  • Recognized importance of rice crop monitoring in support of regional food security
  • Recognized water observations are fundamental to agricultural monitoring and impacts of climate change (drought, flood...)
  • 4 ongoing prototypes progress confirmed
  • 3 new proposals approved
  • 1 new proposal to be revised

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