Agenda outline

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Agenda outline (Tentative)

Day-1 (22 May)
 9:00-10:00Pre-Review Board Meeting (Closed Meeting)
10:30-11:15Welcome Address
11:15-12:15Presentation on new prototype proposals
13:45-16:30SAFE prototyping report
- Final Report
- On-going Report
16:30-16:50Review board meeting report
17:00Adjourn / Group Photo
Day-2 (23 May)
 8:30- 9:00Registration
 9:00- 9:20Opening session
 9:20-11:20Special Session for Climate Change (TBD)
11:20-12:10Closing session

PM of Day-2: Technical Tour to Landgate

The 2nd Climate R3 Workshop

Agenda outline