Wrap-up & Stakeholder Meeting in Laos PDR,
Sep 12-13, 2011

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Wrap-up & Stakeholder Meeting in Laos PDR, Sep 12-13, 2011

Reported by Dr. Kyaw Sann Oo IIS, University of Tokyo


Conference Room, Water Resource and Environmental Research Institute (WERI) (former name WREA), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), Nahaidyo Road, P. O. Box: 7864, Vientiane, Lao PDR
Tel: (856-21) 217650 or (856-21) 218915, Fax: (856-21) 263799

Contact Person

Mr. Virasith Phomsouvanh (on the behalf of Ms. Virany Sengtianthr)
Director of Remote Sensing Center
 (856-21) 217650 or (856-21) 218915
 (856-21) 263799

Delegates from Lao PDR

Name Affiliation
Permanent Secretary
Mr. Virasith
Technical staff of RSC

Delegates from Japan

Name Affiliation
Mr. Toru Fukuda Director, EORC, JAXA
Mr. Tomoyuki Nukui Administrator, EORC, JAXA
Dr. Wataru Takeuchi Associate Professor, IIS, University of Tokyo
Dr. Van Ngoc An Researcher, IIS, University of Tokyo
Dr. Kyaw Sann Oo Researcher, IIS, University of Tokyo

Delegates from Thailand

Name Affiliation
Dr. Lal Samarakoon Director, Geoinformatics Center,AIT, Bangkok
Mr. Hiroaki Tanabe Deputy director, Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) Bangkok office

Time Table

The below time tables are two days program of "Stakeholder meeting to share experience and database developed by JAXA SAFE prototype of Forest Monitoring and Management in Lao PDR."

Day 1: Sept. 12, 2011 (Monday)

Time Items
14:00 Welcome Address from Permanent Secretary of MONRE
Madame Monemany NHOYBOUKONG
14:10 Opening Remarks from JAXA
Mr. Toru Fukuda (Director of JAXA/EORC)
14:20 Self-introduction by all attendants
14:30 Presentation on JAXA SAFE Initiative
Mr. Tomoyuki Nukui (SAFE secretariat, JAXA/EORC)
14:50 Presentation on overview of SAFE Prototype
Dr. Wataru Takeuchi (Associate Professor, University of Tokyo)
15:10 Presentation on progress report of outreach (WREA)
by Virasith Phomsouvanh (Researcher, RSC, MONRE)
15:30 Press conference by TV media and news papers journalists

Day 1: Sept. 12, 2011 (Monday)

From (Time) Items
9:00 Presentation on JAXA SAFE Lao prototype GPS photo database
Dr. Van Ngoc An (Researcher, University of Tokyo)
10:45 Presentation on JAXA SAFE Lao prototype GPS photo database
by Dr. Van Ngoc An (Researcher, University of Tokyo)
13:45 Demonstration on the use of prototype data resource for end-users
by Dr. Kyaw Sann Oo (Researcher, University of Tokyo)
15:00 Demonstration on the use of prototype data resource for end-users
by Dr. Kyaw Sann Oo (Researcher,University of Tokyo)


15 end-users on first day and 17 end-users on second day are participated in the stakeholder meeting together with delegates from Lao PDR, Thailand and Japan.

Evaluation Results

Participants from NGO and government departments are exchanged the use of satellite images for the environmental applications in the meeting and knowledge sharing section.

Name and personal information are listed in the end-users tables. While 15 participants are joined in the first day, 17 participants are involved in the second day. Technical staffs and department heads are joined to represent newly created Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. GIS/RS specialists from Wildlife conservations Society also involved in the second day knowledge sharing section.

Most of the participants are familiar with remote sensing technology, satellite images and applications.

The remarkable keyword for the stakeholder meeting is "Once the first Lao PDR's SAFE prototype on Forest Monitoring and Management is finalizing by reporting to annual meeting of APRSAF-18; this is just the beginning on the use of space applications in Lao PDR from benefit of collaboration works between Lao PDR, UT, GeoInfo and JAXA."

Activities Photographs

First Day activities


Welcome Addresses and Opening Remarks (from Madame Monemany and Mr. Fukuda)


SAFE Prototype Initiative by SAFE secretary,Mr. Nukui


Overview of SAFE Prototype by Professor Takeuchi


Status Report by Laos Counterpart, Mr. Virasith


Participants and Media publishing


Thanks from MONRE


Thanks from JAXA delegate


Promotion of JSPS to Laos students


Group Photograph after the first day meeting

Second Day activities


Lecture on GPSPhoto Database


Lecture on LCMAP generation and Update


Hand-on by Dr. An


Hand-on by Dr. Oo


Question and Answer, and Discussion


Closing talk by Madame Monemany, MONRE


Group photograph in conference room after meeting and knowledge sharing


I would like to express my gratitude to Madame Monemany for her closely observed our activities in the stakeholder meeting and given an excellent welcome speech. It is important to express our SAFE prototyping supporter JAXA for their supports as finance, providing data and sending delegates.

Moreover, I would like to thank Sawada/Takeuchi laboratory for allowing me to get this chance of contribution to Laos peoples.

Finally I would like to thank staffs of MONRE for hosting the meeting successful and would like to thanks to the delegates and participants for their present in the meeting and exchanging their knowledge.


DMH Department of Meteorology and Hydrology
DOF Department of Forestry
DOI Remote Sensing Center
DWR Department of Water Resources
FIPD Forest Inventory and Planning Division
FRIC Forest Resources Information Center
GeoInfo Geoinformatics Center, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok Thailand
JAXA Japanese Aerospace eXploration Agency
MONRE Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
NUOL National University of Lao
RSC Remote Sensing Center
SAFE Space Application for Environment
WCS Wildlife Conservation Society
WERI Water Resources and Environment Research Institute
WREA Water Resources and Environment Administration (former name of MONRE)



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