Agenda of Earth Observation WG in APRSAF-17

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Earth Observation WG

Monday 22nd November - SAFE Workshop
Tuesday 23rd November - EOWG Day 1
Wednesday 24th November - EOWG Day 2

Co-Chairs: Dr. Adam Lewis, Group Leader - National Earth Observation Group, Geoscience Australia Dr. Shinichi Sobue, Planning Manager, Earth Observation Research Center, JAXA

Monday 22nd November: SAFE Workshop (Room - Promenade 3)

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1 Pre-Review Board Meeting   11:00-12:00
Lunch 12:00-13:00
Welcome and Opening Remarks
2 - General Chair remark    
Mr. Toru Fukuda, JAXA, Japan   13:00-13:05
- Introductions   13:05-13:20
- Agenda adoption   13:20-13:25
- Review of the 2nd SAFE Workshop outcomes    
Mr. Bandula Wickramaarachchi, CCD, Sri Lanka Document download (PDF) 13:25-13:40
Presentations on revised and new prototype proposals
3 - Use of satellite data derived ocean color and SST information for Thailand Fishery    
Dr. Phutchapol Suvanachai, Department of Fisheries, Thailand Document download (PDF) 13:40-14:00
- Glacial Shrinkage of the Nepal Himalayas    
Mr. Raja Ram Chhatkuli, Survey Department, Nepal Document download (PDF) 14:00-14:20
- Carbon stock calculating and forest changes assessment toward REDD+ for mangrove    
Mr. Dien Tien Vu, FIPI, Vietnam Document download (PDF) 14:20-14:40
(Including Discussion, Q&A)    
BREAK (review board meeting) 14:40-15:40
Status of ongoing prototypes
4 - Potential Drought Monitoring    
Ms. Parwati Sofan, LAPAN, Indonesia Document download (PDF) 15:40-16:00
- Monitoring Water Cycle Variations and Assessing the Climate Change Impacts on them in Pakistan/Flood in Pakistan    
Prof. Toshio Koike, UT, Japan Document download (PDF) 16:00-16:20
- Assessment of Reliability of Fairly Accessible Data & Tools for Analyzing Impacts of Climate Change and Analysis of Risk of Sea Level Rise on Coastal Zone    
Mr. Bandula Wickramaarachchi, CCD, Sri Lanka Document download (PDF) 16:20-16:40
- Water Cycle and Agricultural Activities during the Post-Monsoon Season in the Stung Sangker River Basin and wider area in the Western Cambodia    
Mr. So Im Monichoth, MWRM, Cambodia Document download (PDF) 16:40-17:00
- Forest Monitoring    
Mr. Thiangthammavong Sangkhane, WERI, LaoPDR Document download (PDF) 17:00-17:20
- Modeling ocean frontal zones using high resolution satellite and float data to locate tuna fish aggregations in Sri Lankan waters    
Mr. Jagath Rajapaksha, NARA, Sri Lanka Document download (PDF) 17:20-17:40
(Including Discussion, Q&A)    
5 Review board meeting report (Mr. Toru Fukuda, JAXA) Document download (PDF) 17:40-18:10

Tuesday 23rd November:
Earth Observation Working Group - Day 1 (Room - Promenade 1)

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Opening session
1 - Co-chair remarks and introductions & welcome from Geoscience Australia   9:00-9:40
- Review of the last EOWG (Bangkok), Dr. Shinichi Sobue, JAXA Document download (PDF) 9:40-10:00
- EOWG focus & agenda adoption   10:00-10:15
BREAK 10:15-10:30
SAFE initiative
2 - Overview (Dr. Shinichi Sobue, JAXA) Document download (PDF) 10:30-10:50
- Review board results (Mr. Toru Fukuda, JAXA) Document download (PDF) 10:50-11:10
- New proposal briefing (5min each + Q&A) Document download (PDF) 11:15-11:40
- Review of yesterday's workshop (Dr. Shinichi Sobue, JAXA) Document download (PDF) 11:35-12:00
LUNCH 12:00-13:30
3 APRSAF EOWG initiatives in support of climate change theme    
- Candidate initiatives: Presentation on proposed   13:30-14:15
APRSAF Regional Readiness Review (R3)(Stephen Ward)    
- Space Agency role in the implementation of GCOS (J Zillman)   14:15-14:40
- Discussion on approach and key issues   14:40-15:10
BREAK 15:10-15:25
Australian Strategic Plan for Earth Observations from Space (J Zillman)
4 - presentation   15:25-15:50
- discussion, Q&A    
EO satellite contribution to climate information needs
5 - Geoscience Australia - ALOS Bathymetry applications (S Sagar)   15:50-16:05
- Spatial and Temporal Analysis of EOI for Drought Index in Thailand, Prof. Dr. Hansa Vathananukij, Kasetsart University   16:05-16:20
- Using GIS/GPS for Climate Change Adaptation Action Program in the Philippines, Dr. Olivia la O' Catillo, UN Secretary General's Advisory board on Water and Sanitation (UNSGAB)   16:20-16:35
- Earth Observation Contribution in the fight against Climate Change, Jack Scott, Thales Alenia   16:35-16:50
- ESA Satellite Missions for Climate Observations - Climate Change initiative, Jean-Charles Bigot, ESA   16:50-17:05
- JAXA's earth observation satellite program for climate change, Mr. Toru Fukuda, JAXA, Japan   17:05-17:30
- discussion, Q&A    
The GEO Global Forest Observations Initiative and role for EO
5 - Background (Stephen Ward)    
- ALOS PALSAR forest classification map (Dr. Shinichi Sobue JAXA)    
- Presentations:
  • - GEO FCT National Demonstrator activities inc Tasmania & Indonesia (A Held)
  • - GA as a regional data hub (A Lewis)
- Discussion    

Wednesday 24th November:
Earth Observation Working Group - Day 2 (Room - Promenade 2)

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Opening session
1 - Review of Day 1(EOWG Co-Chairs)
- Adoption of agenda
- Introductions for new participants
Joint session with SEU Working Group
2 - ISS Overview, Mr. Shigeki Kamigaichi, JAXA, Japan
- Forest Fire Detection, Prof. Masami Fukuda, Fukuyama City University, Japan
- discussion, Q&A
BREAK 10:20-10:35
Private sector initiatives
3 - presentation    
- Experiences utilizing SAR satellites for the monitoring of natural disasters, Dr. Tadashi Sasagawa, PASCO   10:35-10:50
- Planet Action, Dr. Rob Coorey, Geospatial Intelligence   10:50-11:05
- The creation of image data base for the rice monitoring by the constellation satellite, Dr. Koji Wakamori, JAMSS   11:05-11:20
- RESTEC Activities in Asian Region, Mr. Kyoichi Ito, RESTEC   11:20-11:35
(Including Q&A)    
Country Reports
4 - Thailand: Ms. Raksina Lekthanoo, GISTDA   11:35-11:45
- Nepal: Mr. Raja Ram Chhatkuli, Survey Department   11:45-11:55
- Sri Lanka: Dr. Thavalingam Kanagaratnam, Survey Department   11:55-12:05
- Australia: The Australian SAR Programme (Jack Scott, Thales)   12:05-12:15
- Kazakhstan: Creation of the Earth Remote Sensing Space System of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Gavyllatyp Murzakulov, National Company ’Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary’   12:15-12:25
LUNCH 12:25-13:30
Country Reports (Cont.)
4 - Mongolia: Ms. Battsetseg Tserenkhuu, National Repote Sensing Center   13:30-13:40
- Israel: Dr. Zvi Kaplan, Israel Space Agency   13:40-13:50
- India: ISRO    
- Indonesia: LAPAN    
- Q&A   13:50-14:10
BREAK 14:10-14:40
Conclusions and Way Forward
5 - Adoption of EOWG Conclusions and Recommendations   14:40-16:00
- Way Forward    
ADJOURN 14:40-15:40