16th Science Team meeting - Announcement

Date:   October 17 - 21, 2011 (Mon. - Fri.)
Venue:    JAXA TKSC, Tsukuba / RESTEC (Remote Sensing Technology Center of JAPAN) HQ (Roppongi, Tokyo)
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Agenda October 17 (Mon.), 18 (Tue.), 19 (Wed.), 20 (Thu.), 21 (Fri.), 2011
   Meeting Program (pdf, 218KB) download    
October 17 (Mon.), 2011
  JAXA TKSC, Tsukuba
   pdf file
9:35 Bus from Tsukuba station
9:40 Bus from Hotel Okura Frontier Ephocal to JAXA TKSC
10:00-10:15 Welcome (Masanobu Shimada, JAXA)
10:15-11:30 Background for new Science Team members
 ·The ALOS Kyoto & Carbon Initiative - Ake Rosenqvist, K&C coordinator download
 ·The ALOS PALSAR mission (obituary) - Masanobu Shimada, JAXA download
 ·The PALSAR Systematic Observation Strategy - Ake Rosenqvist download
 ·The ALOS-2 mission - system characteristics and development status - M. Shimada download
11:30-12:00 Launching K&C Phase 3 (Ake Rosenqvist) download
  12:00-13:00    LUNCH
13:00-15:00 Tour of JAXA Tsukuba Space Center - Visit to the satellite test facilities and view of the Global Change Observation Mission (GCOM) satellite
15:15-17:00 Science Team plans for Phase-3 (20+5 minutes)
 ·Australian R&D Support to Global Forest and AGB Mapping - Richard Lucas (Aberystwyth Univ./Wales) download
 ·Mapping the Public Forests in Brazil - Humberto de Mesquita Jr. (FSB/Brazil) download
 ·Mapping inundation with ALOS ScanSAR data - Bruce Chapman (JPL/USA) download
~17:00 Bus from JAXA to Tsukuba station and Hotel Okura Ephocal
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October 18 (Tue.), 2011
  JAXA TKSC, Tsukuba
   pdf file
9:35 Bus from Tsukuba station
9:40 Bus from Hotel Okura Frontier Ephocal to JAXA TKSC
10:00-12:15 Science Team plans for Phase-3 (20+5 minutes)
 ·Climate-relevant Modernization of the National Forest Policy and Piloting of REDD Measures in the Philippines - Francisco Tavora (GIZ/Germany) download
 ·Measuring Effective Conservation in The Northern Andes and South Central America Conservation Program - Jorge León Sarimento (TNC/Colombia) download
 ·Developing the best independent PALSAR based MRV system for REDD+ in Sumatra, Indonesia - Yumiko Uryu (WWF-Indonesia) download
 ·Forest Resources Mapping and Monitoring in Kenya - Kei Suzuki (JAFTA/Japan) for Kenya Forest Service download
  12:15-13:30    LUNCH
13:30-14:30 PALSAR data distribution procedures
 ·Full resolution data through AUIG (A. Rosenqvist for Order Desk) download

 ·EORC product transfer / FTP accounts (Takashi Ogawa, RESTEC) download
14:30-16:15 Science Team plans for Phase-3 - R&D session (20+5 minutes)
 ·Forest Degradation and Change Monitoring in the Tropical Zone - Yrjö Rauste (VTT/Finland) download
 ·Advances in forestry applications in Sweden using ALOS PALSAR imagery - Johan Fransson (SLU/Sweden) download
 ·Combined Use of SAR, InSAR and Lidar for Measuring Forest Biomass and Structure in the Northeastern United States - Bruce Chapman (JPL) for Paul Siqueira (Univ. Mass/USA) download
 ·ALOS-PALSAR & TanDEM-X for Forest Disturbance & Degradation Mapping - Florian Kugler for Kostas Papathanassiou (DLR/Germany) download
16:15- Forest Theme issues - Open floor discussion (All)
~17:00 Bus from JAXA to Tsukuba station. Joint transfer by train to Tokyo.
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October 19 (Wed), 2011
  RESTEC HQ / Roppongi, Tokyo
   pdf file
10:00-11:15 JAXA EORC global mosaic and forest mapping activities (Masanobu Shimada) download
 ·ALOS PALSAR and JERS-1 SAR 25m resolution global mosaics (technical specs, data formats etc.)
·Global forest cover and biomass mapping effort - 2010 results
11:15-12:00 Forest Theme Project issues download
  12:00-13:30    LUNCH
14:00-14:30 Science Team plans for Phase-3 (20+5 minutes)
 ·JAXA forest mapping activities in Indonesia - Masanobu Shimada and EORC Team (JAXA) download
14:30-16:00 Individual agreement discussions JAXA-science team memebers
16:00- Science Team plans for Phase-3 (20+5 minutes)
 ·Collaborative research for forest carbon tracking in Sumatra - Orbita Roswintiarti (LAPAN/Indonesia) download
 ·Wide area forest monitoring in Insular SE Asia and Guiana Shield - Dirk Hoekman (Univ. Wageningen/The Netherlands) download
 ·Aboveground Biomass and Carbon Stock Mapping and Changes Monitoring in the Forest of Peninsular Malaysia Using L-Band ALOS PALSAR and JERS-1 - Khali Hamzah (FRIM/Malaysia) download
~17:30 Adjourn
 18:00-20:00 Reception dinner (2,000 yen/person)
Venue: Shuraku Shunsai no Ie
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October 20 (Thu), 2011
  RESTEC HQ / Roppongi, Tokyo
   pdf file
10:00-12:00 Science Team plans for Phase-3 - Wetlands
 ·Wetlands in the Nile and Zambezi Basins - Lisa Rebelo (IWMI/Ethiopia) download
 ·Application of PALSAR for regional assessments of forest disturbance, agriculture and wetland habitats - William Salas (AGS/USA) download
 ·Mapping Global Wetlands and Boreal Freeze/Thaw with ALOS PALSAR - Kyle McDonald (CCNY/USA) download
 ·The use of ALOS imagery to investigate the carbon dynamics of the Amazon river system - Bruce Forsberg (INPA/Brazil) download
  12:00-13:30    LUNCH
13:30-15:00 Science Team plans for Phase-3 - (20+5 minutes)
 ·Mangrove monitoring by ALOS PALSAR - Richard Lucas (Aberystwyth Univ./Wales) download
 ·Mangrove extent, change and structure in Africa and the Americas - Marc Simard (JPL/USA) for Lola Fatoyinbo (NASA-GSFC/USA) download
 ·Assessment of the USGS Global Mangrove dataset (Richard Lucas)
15:00- Wetland Theme Project issues download
 ·Ground truth data sharing
·Methodology issues
·Ramsar Convention events
·Meeting Wrap-up & Action Items
~17:30 Adjourn
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October 21 (Fri), 2011
  RESTEC HQ / Roppongi, Tokyo
The K&C Global Mangrove Watch - the way forward
Special Work Session (open participation)
Time: 10:00-13:00
·Establishment of "K&C Global Mangrove Watch team"
·Discussions on technical/practical issues
·Development of a draft work plan
Participants: Interested K&C members and observers wishing to contribute to the K&C Global Mangrove Watch effort
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ALOS K&C 16th Science Advisory Panel / Science Team Meeting Participants