2 nd Science Team meeting - Program

Date   May 14 - 15, 2002
Venue     UCSB/ICESS, Santa Barbara, USA
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May 14 (Tuesday)
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(1) Opening remarks
 Henry Yang (UCSB Chancellor) and Catherine Gautier (Director, ICESS)
(2) Session 1: Background & Status up-date
 The Kyoto & Carbon Initiative thus far (A. Rosenqvist, NASDA EORC)
- Brief introduction to the Kyoto & Carbon Initiative
- Review the 1st Science Panel Meeting (Tokyo, Nov. 2001)
 Data acquisition plans - characteristics and simulation results
 - ALOS PALSAR (A. Rosenqvist, NASDA EORC) download
 - ADEOS-II GLI (A. Rosenqvist, NASDA EORC)
 - ALOS AVNIR-2 and PRISM (T. Tadono, NASDA EORC) download
 NASDA plans and facilities for data processing (M. Shimada, NASDA)
(3) Session 2: International Programmes-Synergy and Product Specifications
 GOFC and TCO synergy and product specifications
- GOFC (J.Townshend, GOFC/U. Maryland)
 - TCO and GTOS (J. Cihlar, TCO/CCRS) download
 Open floor discussions
(4) Session 3: Product Working Group Session
 Outline of the WG Session
- WG discussions
- WG 1: GLI products
- WG 2: SAR mosaic products
- WG 3: Forest change and biomass products
- WG 4: Wetlands and rice paddy
- WG 5: Boreal products
(5) Session 4: Working Group presentations and discussions
 (30 mins pres. + 30 mins open discussions)
WG presentation 1 - GLI products (S. Running, U. Montana)
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May 15 (Wednesday)
(1) Session 4: Working Group presentations and discussions (continued)
 WG presentation 2 - SAR mosaics (B. Chapman, JPL) download
 WG presentation 3 - Forest change and biomass (C. Dobson, NASA HQ/U. Michigan) download
 WG presentation 4 - Wetlands and rice paddy (L. Hess, UCSB) download
 WG presentation 5 - Boreal products (K. McDonald, JPL) download
(2) Session 5: Summing up
 Prerequitites for active U.S. participation (Open floor discussions)
 On Vegetation baselined for biomass estimation by InSAR (P. Siqueira, JPL) WG-arid
 On ScanSAR quality (A/I from previous meeting) (B. Chapman, JPL) WG-arid
 Reaching consensus on target pruducts (A. Rosenqvist, NASDA EORC)
(3) UCSB / NASDA closing remarks