ALOS Principal Investigators List (4th RA) - Geography

Sensor Calibration Land Use & Land Cover Research Geology Geography Disaster and Earthquake Agriculture Snow & Ice Vegetation, Forest & Wetland Hydrology Oceanography and Coastal Zone Polar Research Polarimetry and Interferometry Resources Related Research

As of May 30, 2017

No. Name Organization Reseach Title Country
1019 Masahiro ETAYA Tokai University A study on universally applicable archaeological exploration methods using space-borne SAR Japan
1119 Sumiko ANNO Shibaura Institute of Technology Remote sensing applied for a study of geographical pathology for the relationships between malaria endemic and Malaria as Anthropo-Ecosystem consisting various subsystems Japan
1169 Ram Avtar United Nations University Use of polarimetric and interferometric techniques to monitor ravenous area and erosional rate Japan
1492 Sanjeev Gupta Imperial College London Detection and investigation of hidden geomorphological features by L band SAR signatures U.K.