ALOS Principal Investigators List (4th RA) - Agriculture

Sensor Calibration Land Use & Land Cover Research Geology Geography Disaster and Earthquake Agriculture Snow & Ice Vegetation, Forest & Wetland Hydrology Oceanography and Coastal Zone Polar Research Polarimetry and Interferometry Resources Related Research

As of May 30, 2017

No. Name Organization Reseach Title Country
1049 Juan M. Lopez-Sanchez University of Alicante L-band SAR polarimetry for crop phenology retrieval and soil moisture estimation Spain
1095 Chinatsu YONEZAWA Tohoku University Polarimetric Analysis of ALOS PALSAR-2 data for agricultural field to detect cropping and growth information Japan
1167 Abdul Rashid Bin Mohamed Shariff Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Sensor network of monitoring oil palm plantation in Malaysia Malaysia
1240 Nasreen Islam Khan International Rice Research Institute Rice crop monitoring with PALSAR and other products for food security applications Philippines
1371 Haydee Karszenbaum Instituto de Astronomia y Fisica del Espacio, IAFE (CONICET-UBA) Soil moisture monitoring using ALOS/PALSAR data in Areco watershed (Buenos Aires Province, Argentina): combining modeling, field work and data exploitation Argentina
1396 Gulab Singh Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Radar Polarimetry for Indian Agroforestry Monitoring: The Crop Monitoring Underneath The Poplar (Populus Deltoids) Plantation Using Full-POL-SAR data India
1421 Naoki ISHITSUKA National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences Development of paddy rice area and crop mesuerment method using ALOS-2 Japan
1448 Durand Philippe CNES Enhancement of the Kalideos Remote Sensing Databases using ALOS-2 data France
1449 Nobuhiro TOMIYAMA Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan (RESTEC) An experiment of growth-situation understanding of large-size grass species by L-band SAR data Japan
1460 Maurizio Migliaccio Università di Napoli Parthenope SAR POLARIMETRY FOR VEGETATION APPLICATIONS Italy
1507 Kuniaki UTO Tokyo Institute of Technology A study of Coastal zone vegetation with a focus on agriculture using SAR data Japan