ALOS Principal Investigators List (3rd RA) - Land Use & Land Cover

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As of Jun. 1, 2012

Land Use & Land Cover
No. Name Organization Reseach Title Country
504 Ho Dinh Duan Hue Institute of Resources, Environment and Sustainable Development (IRESD) Study on Vegetation Cover and Biodiversity of Phongnha-Kebang National Park, Vietnam Vietnam
511 Hasi Bagan National Institute of Environmental Studies Land Cover Classification Using ALOS PALSAR, AVNIR-2, and PRISM in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Japan
524 Masafumi Nakagawa Shibaura Institute of Technology Parameter descriptions for urban change and urban change detection in Tokyo-bay area Japan
533 Junichi Susaki Kyoto University Mapping of buildings in urban areas using PALSAR Japan
537 Naoki Takagi Shinshu University An analysis of land cover modification and thermal change at meteorological observation points in Japan Japan
542 Dharmendra Singh Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee An Advanced Application of Radar Polarimetry for Land cover/Crop Classification India
547 Mingsheng Liao Wuhan University High-accuracy DEM Generation in Mountainous Areas Using Multi-baseline SAR Interferometry with ALOS PALSAR Datasets China
559 Akio Tada Kobe University Upgrade of Landuse in Gezira Irrigation Project and Agricultural Development in Peripheral Area in Sudan Japan
560 Kenji Iwama University of Shiga Prefecture Investigation on Micro-Hydro-Power Potential in Tottori and Shiga Prerfecture by DEM Analysis Japan
562 Noriko Soyama Tenri University Production of data sets for validation of the global land cover classification. Japan
590 Ke-Sheng Cheng National Taiwan University Assessing the effect of reflectance calibration on NDVI-based change detection and remote sensing image classification Taiwan
592 Xiaoli Ding The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Land Use and Surface Change Studies Based on Unbiased SAR Coherence China
604 Osamu Kozan Kyoto University Studies on the detection of salinized area and water management in the Aral Sea Basin, Central Asia Japan