ALOS Principal Investigators List (3rd RA) - Geography

Optical Sensors Cal/Val Land Use & Land Cover Geology Geography Disaster Management Agriculture Snow & Ice Vegetation Mapping, Forest & Wetland Ocean International Polar Year

As of May 12, 2011

No. Name Organization Reseach Title Country
536 Ronald C. Estoque University of Tsukuba Monitoring spatiotemporal patterns of urbanization using satellite remote sensing data Japan
558 Kazuyuki Tsuruma Gakushuin University the Restoretion of Qin Shihuang Mausoleum and landscape by using Satellite data Japan
566 Alimujiang Kasimu Xinjiang Normal University Combination of Optical and Microwave data of ALOS for Monitoring Environmental Change of Oases in Xinjiang, China China
589 Yasunori Nakayama Nihon University Analysis of light energy distribution by ALOS/PRISM,AVNIR2 and DMSP/OLS data Japan
601 Yuichi Hayakawa The University of Tokyo Geoarchaeological application of ALOS DEM: geomorphological mapping for paleaoenvironment reconstruction around archaeological sites of ancient cities Japan