1 st Science Advisory Panel Meeting - Program

Date   November 1- 2, 2001
Venue     NASDA EORC, Tokyo, Japan
                    Participant List      Meeting minutes (PDF:477KB)

November 1 (Thursday)
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(1) Welcome address
 T. Moriyama, Dep. Manager ALOS Program - NASDA SPPD
(2) Background (A. Rosenqvist, NASDA EORC)
  • · The ALOS Kyoto & Carbon Initiative
  • · Objectives of the workshop
(3) ALOS technical/operational capabilities and limitations download
  • - ALOS space- and ground segments - technical and operational limitations affecting data observations (N. Ito, NASDA ALOS Project)
  • - EORC data processing issues (M. Shimada, NASDA EORC)
(4) Open floor session 1 - The "optimal" sensor configuration
 Moderator: T.Le Toan (CESBIO, France)
Target: A proposal for an "optimal" sensor configuration(s)
(5) Political and scientific information requirements
 - Kyoto Protocol information requirements (Y. Yamagata, NIES) download
 - Carbon cycle (TCO) information requirements (J. Tschirley, FAO) download
(6) Open floor session 2 - Kyoto & Carbon requirements
 Moderator: T. Krug (INPE, Brazil)
Target: KP and C data requirements
(7) Open floor session 3 - From data take to derived information
 Moderator: S. Quegan (Univ. Sheffield, U.K.)
Target: Initiating a discussion about output products/derived information
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November 2 (Friday)
(1) Open floor session 4 - Regional considerations
 Moderator: C. Schmullius (Friedrich Schiller Univ., Germany)
Anticipated output: Understanding of specific regional characteristics and how the acquisition plan should be adapted to capture relevant phenomena.
(2) The ALOS K & C Systematic Data Acquisition Strategy
 Description of the preliminary acquisition plan (A. Rosenqvist)
(3) Open floor session 5 (hands-on) - Re-drafting the acquisition strategy
 Moderator: B. Chapman, JPL, U.S.A.
Anticipated output: A revised acquisition strategy for ALOS K & C.
(4) Open floor session 5 (continued)
(5) Loose ends and action items
(6) Review of minutes/summary preparation
(7) Workshop summary (open to all NASDA) download
 C. Dobson ,NASA, U.S.A.
(8) Closing remarks
 F. Ohtsuki, Director NASDA EORC