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Let's SAR is a simple tool package to use SAR data such as ALOS PALSAR mosaics for forest classification, change detection, and other major applications. The aim of the tool is providing the first step in the use of SAR to more people and expanding the utilization of SAR data.

  • New!  Let's SAR ver. 1.1, 2016/02/01 (zip Compress / 325MB)    download

The download file contains tools, instructions, and presentation materials used in JAXA's training courses. Currently, the following two functions are provided:

  • LUC (Land Use/cover Classification): a tool for image classification with object-based machine learning algorithms.
  • Gamma-zero change: a tool for extracting changes such as deforestation using differences of backscattering coefficients observed at two different times.

Supported OS is Microsoft Windows 7/8 64 bit.

Using the tool for commercial and profit-making purposes without JAXA's consent is prohibited. If users wish to use the tool for such purposes, please make contact us at the following address.

  • JAXA EORC ALOS/ALOS-2 group:

The usage of the tool is introduced at our training courses. For details, please find the following page (

New! Video tutorial: Let's SAR Land use and land cover classification.