About Forest Governance Initiative: FGI

Forest can change the world

Forest Governance Initiative aims to contribute to the global tropical forest and biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation by using satellite technology and multi-stakeholder partnerships.

JICA and JAXA launched the Forest Governance Initiative at UNFCCC COP 21 in Paris in 2015. JICA and JAXA have committed to the Forest Governance Initiative through developing the JJ-FAST, promoting capacity development, and spreading good practices on forest conservation for contributing to fighting against deforestation in developing countries and global climate change.

JICA and JAXA call development partners and private companies to join the initiative to work together to change the world better.

Spreading knowledge about successful forest conservation initiatives

Spreading knowledge about successful forest conservation initiatives

There are many good practices and ideas that worth to share on forest conservation in the world. JICA and JAXA spread that knowledge through this website, international seminars, and regional seminars.

Capacity Development

Capacity Development

The initiative promotes capacity development of personnel for sustainable forest management in developing countries through training courses in Japan and regional seminars.


Development of the JICA-JAXA Forest Early Warning System in the Tropics (JJ-FAST)
Human resources development for personnel in developing countries - approximately 500 personnel by 2020
Diffusion of knowledge on successful forest conservation to improve forest governance
Holding international and regional conferences/seminars to promote the initiative

Forest can change the world for the better. JICA and JAXA encourage any actors to join the Forest Governance Initiative to promote global efforts in resolving challenges that developing countries face and global problems through the use of space technologies.

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