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High-level Image Processing and Analysis

Example of analysis of AVNIR-2 image onboard Daichi (ALOS) This is a necessary technique to handle and analyze satellite images, which includes development and precision of methodology to evaluate accuracy and image quality, and evaluation of the data conducting multivariate analysis. The examples are as follows.
  • Development of geometric correction method
  • Development of radiometric correction method
  • Algorithm development to generate a digital elevation model (DEM) and ortho rectification
  • Development of image quality evaluation method
  • Development of multivariate analysis method
  • Algorithm development to analyze multi-sensor data

Global Environmental Issue Analysis

High level processing using PRISM onboard Daichi (ALOS) This is to develop an algorithm for analysis of satellite data to monitor parameters, which affects global environmental issues, and analysis of spatial and temporal distributions of derived geophysical parameters to evaluate effects on the global environment.
  • Algorithm development of geophysical parameters and analysis of their spatial and temporal distributions
    • Soil moisture, snow parameters, glaciers, permafrost, agriculture parameters, forestry, forest fires, desertification, etc.
  • Analysis of snow conditions e.q. snow diameter, temperature and contamination
  • Evaluation of methodology to evaluate long-term variability
  • Algorithm development to monitor sea ice distribution and variation
  • Development of evaluation method of environmental stress

Forest monitoring by SGLI onboard Shikisai (GCOM-C) Sea surface temperature by AMSR2 onboard Shizuku (GCOM-W)

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