ALOS Principal Investigators List (2nd RA) - Disaster Management

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As of Aug. 1, 2008

Disaster Management
No. Name Organization Reseach Title Country
340 K.M. Sreejith Indian Space Research Organisation Earthquake deformation studies using L-band Differential SAR Interferometry India
357 Taku OZAWA National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention Research on crustal deformation monitoring in active volcanoes by SAR interferometry Japan
379 Ita Carolita LAPAN (Indonesia National Aeronautics and Space Institute) Remote Sensing and GIS for supporting Vulnerability and risk assessment to Tsunami Indonesia
390 Xiaoli Ding The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Applying PALSAR Data to Geo-Hazards Monitoring in Southern China China
407 Yasuhiro SUZUKI Nagoya University Active fault mapping and photogrammetrical analyses of faulting activities in Mongolia Japan
408 Ryoichi FURUTA Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan (RESTEC) Establishment of monitoring and hazard level assessment system for landslide disasters by ALOS, and its application Japan
420 Yo FUKUSHIMA Kyoto University Crustal deformation studies in Southwest Japan using SAR interferometry Japan
421 Nobuhiro TOMIYAMA Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan (RESTEC) Detection of the wide-area crustal movement in Kyushu using ALOS/PALSAR data Japan
422 Hideki YAMAMOTO Okayama University The Research of Satellite imagery for international relief and humanitarian activities Japan
430 Zhiwei Li Central South University Ground Fissure Monitoring in China Based on PALSAR Data China