APPENDIX C: ALOS Simulation Datasets

1. Simulation Datasets for the Optical Sensor

Area Geographic Features Data Description Resolution Size
(The image center is located at 35deg. 9'N and 138deg. 46'E.)
Including ocean, planes, cities and steep mountains DEM 2.5m 2048 x 2048
Orthophoto image (a panchromatic image and a color image) 2.5m 2048 x 2048
Simulated PRISM data with and without atmospheric effect (forward view and backward view) 2.5m 2100 x 2200
(The image center is located at 35deg.4'N and 139deg.5'E.)
Including coasts, bluffs, and steep mountains DEM 1m 1021 x 981
Simulated PRISM data (nadir, forward and backward view) 2.5m 300 x 300
(now planning)(The image center is located at 32deg.53'N and 131deg.5'E.)
Including areas with and without vegetation DEM 2.5m 1024 x 1024
Orthophoto image 2.5m 1024 x 1024
Simulated PRISM data 2.5m 1024 x 1024

2. Simulation Datasets for the SAR

Area Tsukuba
(The image center is located at 36°03'N and 140°06'E.)
Geographic Features Including urban areas, forests, and paddy fields
Data Description Airborne SAR (PI-SAR L-band) data
Polarimetric scattering matrix data (HH,HV,VH,VV)(Calibrated and Uncalibrated)
Resolution Azimuth: 0.6m
Range: 2.4m
slant range complex data
(Azimuth x Range)
9084 x 2059 samples corresponding to 5km x 5km.
4ch BSQ format (HH,HV,VH,VV).
Each sample is composed of Real (4 Bytes) and Imaginary (4 Bytes) parts.
Data format is based on IEEE 32-bit Floating point expression with big-endian.

NOTE: The form in which the data is supplied, either on-line transmission or media transfer, will depend on the data volume.