6th Advisory Panel / Science Team meeting - Travel Information

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Meeting Venue / JAXA EORC

23F, Office Tower X, Harumi Island Triton Square 1-8-10, Harumi Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-6023 JAPAN

How to get to JAXA EORC

JAXA EORC is located only 200 metres from the hotel, in the Harumi Triton Square complex. Go to Office Tower X (where Starbucks Cafe is located) and take the elevator to the 23rd floor, where the JAXA reception is located.


JAXA EORC map  >>  Here


Harumi Grand Hotel   >>  http://www.maxpart.co.jp/harumi/ (Japanese)

How to go from Narita Airport to Harumi Grand Hotel

In case you are unfamiliar with travelling in Tokyo, the easiest way to get from Narita Airport to Harumi Grand Hotel is to take the Limousine Bus from Narita Airport to the Tokyo City Air Terminal (TCAT) in downtown Tokyo, and from there a taxi to the hotel.

Buy the bus ticket in the arrival hall at Narita (2,900 yen). They speak English. The taxi ride from either TCAT should be about 2,500 yen. The taxi driver will however not speak English, so it might be useful for you to have the hotel address on paper to show.