Document - Simulated Sample Data

* Please refer "Product Format Descriptions" to get data descriptions. Note that these data will be revised, if necessary. (Last Update: PALSAR Nov. 8, 2005, PRISM/AVNIR-2 Sep. 7, 2005)

 - PALSAR - 

Polarimetric Mode, 4 Polarization (PLR)

Image: Polarimetric Mode·(PLR)
Level 1.1 (zip Compress/ 796MB) download
Level 1.5 (zip Compress/ 73.5MB) download

ScanSAR Mode, Single Polarization (WB1)

Level 1.0 (zip Compress/ 622MB) download
Level 1.5 (zip Compress/ 22.4MB) download

Fine Mode, Single Polarization (FBS)

Level 1.1 (ZIP Compress/ 1.34GB) download
Level 1.5 (ZIP Compress/ 202MB) download

Fine Mode, Dual Polarization (FBD)

Level 1.0 (ZIP Compress/ 456MB) download
Level 1.1 (ZIP Compress/ 1.33GB) download
Level 1.5R (Geo-reference) (ZIP Compress/ 107MB) download
Level 1.5G (Geo-coded) (ZIP Compress/ 107MB) download

 - PRISM - 

OB1 (Forward view of triplet observing mode)

Level 1A (ZIP Compress/ 35.3MB) download
Level 1B1 (ZIP Compress/ 34.3MB) download
Level 1B2 (Geo-reference) (ZIP Compress/ 40.3MB) download

OB2 (Nadir view (70km) of Nadir + Backward observing mode)

Level 1A (ZIP Compress/ 97.7MB) download
Level 1B1 (ZIP Compress/ 98.7MB) download
Level 1B2 (Geo-reference) (ZIP Compress/ 102MB) download

 - AVNIR-2 - 

Level 1A (ZIP Compress/ 70.9MB) download
Level 1B1 (ZIP Compress/ 68.7MB) download
Level 1B2 (Geo-reference) (ZIP Compress/ 53.0MB) download