The 1st Workshop for ALOS-2

Dear Principal Investigators of the ALOS Research Announcement -4,

Thank you very much for your great interest on ALOS-2 and research announcement (RA-4). We would like to inform you that the development and the launch preparation of ALOS-2 are going well. In this time, we would like to hold the ALOS-2 1st PI meeting (workshop) in Tsukuba City to share the updated the information on the ALOS-2 and observation scenario as well as the calibration issue, to discuss the Super Sites establishment, and to share the research Reports or plans from PIs (using ALOS if possible).

PI and Co-I of ALOS-2 can join the discussion and presentation. And people of researchers who are interested in this workshop are also possible to join.
Workshop participation fee is free.
Please register at Registration form for participation (Closed).

In addition, we are happy to inform you that the 4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar (APSAR) 2013 will be held at the same venue from 23 to 27 September 2013 (

Sincerely Yours,

  • Masanobu Shimada, ALOS science program
  • Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency/Earth Observation Research Center
  • E-mail: