The 4th Joint PI Symposium of ALOS Data Nodes for ALOS Science Program 2010 Tokyo

Report of the 4th Joint PI Symposium of ALOS Data Nodes for ALOS Science Program 2010 Tokyo

Dear ALOS Principal Investigators

I wish you a happy new year and very progressive researches with ALOS. It is my great please to report you that we had the 4th international PI symposium and workshop at the Sankei-Plaza of Tokyo for Nov. 15-17, 2010 very successfully. Total number of the participants is counted 252, oral presentations 112, posters 50, and total number of countries 25. It was very impressive workshop as well as the previous PI workshops. As the summery was introduced at the summery session, there were many comments and requirements to the ALOS PI program and ALOS in terms of data acquisition requirements (more ocean), the orbital maneuvering, and the further program of ALOS-2. Most comments will be reflected to the RA-4 for ALOS-2 and we will prepare and enrich it by the time of release (i.e., summer of 2012)

To close the RA1 and RA2, we would like to ask you to submit the final reports to JAXA/EORC/ALOS project. The guideline for the final report is as follows;

  • 1) Paper size: A-4, even number of pages between 6 and 12, each of which is double sided. (Example is attached: WordAbstractTemplate_ALOSsymp-1.doc)
  • 2) Contents: Title, authors, PI-number, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, abstract, introduction, main part (method, results, discussion), conclusion, acknowledgement, reference
  • 3) Due date: February 28, 2011.
  • 4) Note: Final report is very important for closing each PI's responsibility within the ALOS RA program and will be reflected to the further RA selection.
  • 5) In early time of 2011, we will edit the ALOS-PI research report by compiling all PIs' final reports and open to the public.
  • 6) Submission to

I am very much appreciated for your cooperation.

Dr. Masanobu Shimada
ALOS science manager
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency/Earth Observation Research Center
January 7, 2011

PS. Summary report from the ALOS session chairs is now available