ALOS International Symposium 2000

  • Date :  March 15, 2000
  • Venue :  Tokyo International Forum Reception Hall Tokyo, Japan
  • Organized by :  NASDA and ERSDAC

1 Opening Address

Mr. Tomita, NASDA

2 Address

Mr. Sakakibara, STA

3 Outline of ALOS Program

Mr. Moriyama, NASDA

4 Introduction of ALOS Program

Mr. Hamazaki, NASDA

5 ALOS Ground Data System and Mission Operation Plan

Mr. Suzuki, NASDA

6 Research Data Utilization

Dr. Igarashi, NASDA

7 Data Utilization Promotion Plan

Mr. Tomii, NASDA

8 Potential U.S. Support for the ALOS Mission

Mr. Benner, NOAA/the National Ice Center

9 CNES proposal for ALOS First Research Announcement

Mr. Pauc, CNES

10 Potential Australian Support for the ALOS Oceania Data Node


11 Research Plan for ALOS---Scientific and Utilization Research

Prof. Shibasaki, NASDA

12 Utilization Plan for Geographical Survey Institute

Mr. Koarai, Geographical Survey Institute

13 Utilization Plan for the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries of Japan

Mr. Mogami, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries of Japan

14 Utilization Plan for Environment Agency

Mr. Otoi, Environment Agency

15 Utilization Plan for Japanese Maritime Safety Agency

Mr. Yoritaka, Japanese Maritime Safety Agency

16 Utilization Plan for Earth Remote Sensing Data Analysis Center

Mr. Maruyama, ERSDAC

17 Closing Address

Mr. Saeki, Ministry of International Trade and Industry

Speaker's title and affiliation: as of March 15, 2000