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 Since 2009, the Greenhouse gases Observing SATellite (GOSAT) has been observing greenhouse gases from space. In this research, JAXA has applied the remote sensing technology with the spectrometer onboard GOSAT to passenger aircrafts operated by ANA. Since October 2020 we have measured horizontal distribution of atmospheric compositions such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) over megacities with much higher spatial resolution from the upper sky. We will estimate local emissions from different source sectors such as power plants, industries and transport by combining the satellite data and results by this study. We first acquired data by regular flights between Tokyo Haneda and Fukuoka city. In the future, we will provide emission data over urban areas, where are responsible for more than 70% of global total greenhouse gases emission. We aim to contribute to the Paris Agreement by presenting reduction effects from different source sectors. sectors.

Observation Results

Date Flight number Time Departure and Arrival Airplane model Equipments
1st Observation Oct 26, 2020 NH247 09:45-11:45 (JST) Tokyo(Haneda) → Fukuoka B767-300 uNO2 FiberNO2
Oct 27, 2020 NH252 12:30-14:10 (JST) Fukuoka → Tokyo(Haneda) B767-300 uNO2 FiberNO2
2nd Observation Nov 19, 2020 NH247 09:45-11:45 (JST) Tokyo(Haneda) → Fukuoka B767-300 uNO2 FiberNO2 FiberGHG
Nov 20, 2020 NH250 11:45-13:25 (JST) Fukuoka → Tokyo(Haneda) B787-8 uNO2 FiberNO2 FiberGHG
3rd Observation Apr 7, 2021 NH249 10:30-12:30 (JST) Tokyo(Haneda) → Fukuoka B767-300 uNO2 FiberNO2 FiberGHG
Apr 8, 2021 NH254 13:20-15:00 (JST) Fukuoka → Tokyo(Haneda) B767-300 uNO2 FiberNO2 FiberGHG


  • ・The 1st Observation(Oct 26-27, 2020) Analysis result was released.
    ・The 2nd Observation(Nov 19-20, 2020) Analysis result was released.

  • ・The article of "JAXA/GOSAT ANA SPACE PROJECT" was published on NHK WORLD-JAPAN.

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