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Data Distribution Service

For the latest information, Please visit the following websites;
AMSR series website
AMSR data catalog
AMSR satellite catalog

Product Information

AMSR/AMSR-E Level-2 & 3 Products have been released. (Jul. 5, 2019)
AMSR/AMSR-E Level-1 Products ver.4 have been released. (Apr. 2, 2018)
Archived Updates (Japanese)


AMSR-E Observation Stopped. (Oct. 4, 2011)
AMSR-E data loss and recovery (Feb. 5, 2010)
Events list
Fair data list
Missing data list
Scan Bias Coefficient for 6GHz
Archived Updates (Japanese)

How to use

AMSR-E Data Users Handbook / Format Description
Product & Algorithm
Product version history
Earth Observation Data Viewer
AMSR2 Product I/O Toolkit (AMTK)
AMSR Data Input Toolkit (ADIT) v3.00


Products Reprocessing Plan

Ground facility

AMSR-E Ground facility
Data Flow

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