Data users Handbook / Format description

AMSR-E Format Description
for HDF5

Level 1 product (version 4)
 AMSR-E Level1B Format description (PDF: 809KB)
 AMSR-E Level1R Format description (PDF: 461KB)

Level 2 product (version 8)
 AMSR-E Level2 Format description (PDF: 1.10MB)

Level 3 product (Brightness temperature version 4, Geophysical parameters version 8)
 AMSR-E Level3 Format description (PDF: 1.37MB)

AMSR-E Data Users Handbook / Format Description
for HDF4 (*1)

This handbook provides the necessary information for the user to utilize AMSR-E data including information related to standard products and also introduces reference information such as spacecraft, onboard instruments, and ground systems.

AMSR-E Data users handbook 5th Edition (PDF : 4.30MB)
 Appendix : AMSR-E Level-1 Format description (PDF : 2.22MB)
 Appendix : AMSR-E Level-2 Format description (PDF : 276KB)
 Appendix : AMSR-E Level-2map Format description (PDF : 354KB)
 Appendix : AMSR-E Level-3 Format description (PDF : 487KB)

(*1) The following product version conform AMSR-E HDF4 format;
 AMSR-E level1 product version 1 - 3
 AMSR-E level2 product version 1 - 7
 AMSR-E level2map product version 1 - 3 (L2map product is not currently distributed)
 AMSR-E level3 product version 1 - 7
 Please refer to the AMSR-E format description for HDF5 when using the latest version product.