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- 第1回PIメンバーリスト Snow & Ice

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Snow & Ice
No. Name Organization Reseach Title Country
38 Ronald Kwok Jet Propulsion Laboratory Monitoring Fram Strait Sea Ice Outflow and Thin Ice Thickness U.S.A
73 Laurence C. Smith University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Flooding and ice break-up dynamics of large Arctic river systems U.S.A
110 Adrian Luckman Swansea University Spatial and temporal variability in mass balance of glaciers in Svalbard and Greenland using PALSAR UK
113 Richard R. Forster University of Utah The Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of the Arctic Seasonal Snow Melt as detected by ALOS and other microwave sensors U.S.A
115 Eric Rignot University of Colorado in Boulder (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) Mapping of ice velocity in Greenland and Antarctica using ALOS PALSAR repeat pass interferometric data U.S.A
132 Jiancheng Shi University of California, Santa Barbara Estimate Snow Properties Using ALOS Measurements U.S.A
144 Kyle C. McDonald Jet Propulsion Laboratory Application of ALOS PALSAR to Mapping of Boreal Landscape Freeze/Thaw Dynamics for Improved Assessment of Terrestrial Ecosystem Processes U.S.A
145 Neal Young Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre Recent change and dynamics of Heard Island glaciers. Australia
146 Neal Young Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre Dynamics and characteristics of ice shelves and glaciers in East Antarctica Australia
182 Benjamin Holt Jet Propulsion Laboratory Characterization of thin winter and summer ice in the Antarctic and Arctic using ALOS data U.S.A
205 Hiroyuki WAKABAYASHI Nihon University Sea ice study and its application using PALSAR polarimetric data in the Sea of Okhotsk Japan
215 Kohei CHO Tokai University A study on sea ice classification of the Okhotsk Sea using AVNIR-2/PALSAR Japan
226 C. K. Shum The Ohio State University Study of Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf Ice Stream and Tidal Dynamics Using ALOS PALSAR Interferometry U.S.A