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JAXA' s P-Tree system, that provides multi-satellite products, releases the geostationary satellite Himawari Standard Data provided by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) as well as the geophysical parameter data produced by JAXA using the Himawari Standard Data. Summary of available data is here.

Please read precaution carefully when you apply for the user account of this system.

Please contact to the P-Tree secretariat() if you have any questions regarding data use.

Account request for data use


  • Use of the data provided by this system is limited to non-profit purposes such as research and education. For profit or business purposes, please contact to the Japan Meteorological Business Support Center (
  • You cannot redistribute the data to the third parties. If you want to release your research results to public, please contact to the P-Tree Secretariat in advance.
  • Archived observation data has been available since March 20, 2015, and real-time data of the Himawari Standard Data will be available 5-20 minutes after the observation. Please note that quality of the Himawari-8 data before 02UTC on July 7, 2015 is not ensured by JMA.
  • You can download both the Himawari Standard Data and JAXA's Himawari geophysical Parameter Data in near-real-time and archived by the same user account.
  • Please read and agree "Terms of Use" including protection of personal information and handling of personal information before using the data.
The P-Tree System Account Tentative form

I agreed above conditions, and confirmed to use the data for non-profit purpose only.

I agreed Terms of Use for the P-Tree System including protection of personal information and handling of personal information.

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Account request procedure for data use

Procedure accounts request steps for data use is in the following flow.

  1. Input your e-mail address the form below.
  2. Email of Tentative acceptance will be sent from the P-Tree secretariat to the entered email address.
  3. In accordance with the contents written in the mail, go to user information input form.
  4. After the request is complete, the applicant completion mail is sent from P-Tree secretariat().
  5. After checking your application, we will set your access right to Himawari data. When you can download Himawari data, we will notify you. It may take a couple of days.
  6. If you do not receive any reply from us, please contact to P-Tree secretariat.