JJ-FAST Introduced at the International Forum on Forest Early Warning System of GFOI

JJ-FAST team from JICA and JAXA participated in the International Forum on Early Warning System (EWS), conveyed by the Early Warning Working Group of the Global Forest Observation Initiative (GFOI) and the Ministry of Environment of the Government of Peru on July 9-10, 2018 in Lima, Peru.

The forum was composed of mainly three sessions: 1) case studies of ground activity using EWS by NGO, indigenous people and their needs, 2) institutional responsible for EWS by national governments, and 3) introduction of current system by EWS producer.

The team introduced the outline of JJ-FAST and joined the panel discussion on “Bridging the gap between what is possible and what is needed in EW technology” on session 3.

One of the discussion topics was focused on the usefulness of radar satellite data for detecting the deforestation of tropical regions covered by cloud during rainy seasons. The discussion also focused on the challenges and difficulties of radar data handling and analyzing.

The team, in the panel discussion, emphasized that it is important for JJ-FAST, as an only EWS using L-band SAR, to improve the accuracy of detection of deforestation and accumulate analytical techniques of SAR data.

Here you can see the agenda

and the event summary

14 Sep 2018