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Feb 4(Wed) PM Plenary Session
“Update on international and national initiatives for global observations”
Session chair: Prof. Ogawa

13:30-   Welcome address (Mr. Mamiya (JAXA))
13:35-   Welcome address (Mr. Sakata (MEXT))
13:40-   Keynote Presentation on IGOS (Prof. Li Deren (NRSCC, CEOS/IGOS-P Chair reprentative))
14:00-   Report on Earth Observation Summit (Mr. Fukai (MEXT))
14:20-   Space agency response to IGOS (Dr. Furuhama (CEOS/SIT Chair))
Global observing systems and IGOS
14:40-   WMO’s Global Observing System (Dr. Hinsman (WMO))
15:00-   Break
15:20   Global Ocean Observing System (Dr. Yoshida (JMA/GOOS))
15:40-   Global Climate Observing System (Dr.Thomas (GCOS))
International research programs and IGOS
16:00-   World Climate Research Program (Dr. Lawford (WCRP))
16:20-   International Geosphere Biosphere Research Program (Dr. Canadell (IGBP))
16:40-   Report on the “Workshop on the Satellite Utilization for Water Cycle in Asia” (Prof. Nakamura(Nagoya Univ.))
18:30 - 20:30 Reception at Le Meridien Hotel

Feb 5(Thu) AM / PM Splinter Session on IGOS Themes
“ Review of IGOS-P Themes papers and recommendations for their implementation”
- Ocean Theme Splinter Session
  Co-chairs: Dr. Lindstrom/Prof. Imawaki
Agenda / Theme Paper
- Global Carbon Observation Theme Splinter Session
  Co-chairs: Dr. Canadell/Prof. Inoue
Agenda / Theme Paper
- Geohazards Theme Splinter Session
  Co-chairs: Dr. Mashu/Dr. Okura
Agenda / Theme Paper
- Global Water Cycle Theme Splinter Session
  Co-chairs: Dr. Lawford/Prof. Nakamura
Agenda / Theme Paper
- Atmospheric Chemistry Theme Splinter Session
  Co-chairs: Dr. Barrie/Dr. Briggs/Prof. Ogawa
Agenda(English) Agenda(Japanese) / Theme Paper

Feb 6(Fri) AM Splinter Session on Cross-cutting issues
“Cross-cutting issues”
- Data Integration Splinter Session
  Chair: Prof. Koike
- Capacity Building Splinter Session
  Chair: Prof. Murai
- Coastal Theme Splinter Session
  Co-chairs: Dr. DiGiacomo/Dr. Iwasaki
Feb 6(Fri) PM Plenary Session
<14:00- >
“Recommendations for IGOS implementations”
Session chair: Prof. Ogawa
Report of splinter sessions (IGOS themes)
13:30-   Ocean Theme
13:40-   Global Carbon Observation Theme
13:50-   Global Water Cycle Theme
14:00-   Atmospheric Chemistry Theme
14:10-   Geohazards Theme
14:20-   Coastal Theme
Report of splinter sessions (cross-cutting issue)
14:30-   Data Integration
14:40-   Capacity Building
14:50-   Break
15:10-   Panel discussion “How can IGOS-P Themes best be developed?”
(Moderator: Prof. Shimoda (Tokai Univ., EORC/JAXA),
  Dr. Lindstrom (NASA),
Dr. Lawford (WCRP),
Dr. Marsh (BGS),
Dr. Mason (GCOS),
Dr. Briggs (CEOS),
Dr. Furuhama (CEOS/SIT)),
Dr. Hinsman (WMO)
Dr. DiGiacomo (NASA/JPL)
17:00-   Conclusions and recommendations of the workshop (Prof. Ogawa)
17:30-   Closing Remarks (Dr. Furuhama)