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A number of parallel and related activities are currently underway:
  IGOS-P is completing the IGOS Theme reports for Ocean, Integrated Global Carbon Observation, Integrated Global Water Cycle Observation, Geo-hazards, Integrated Global Atmospheric Chemistry Observation and Coastal.
  The ad hoc Group on the Earth Observations (GEO), established by the Earth observation Summit on July 31, 2003, is developing a 10 year implementation plan for a comprehensive, coordinated and sustained Earth observation system(s), and the IGOS-P Themes are very relevant.
  Within Japan, the Council for Science and Technology Policy (CSTP) is formulating Japanese Earth observation strategies and implementation plans for the Global Warming research initiative and the Global Water Cycle research initiative.
It is timely to assemble those IGOS related organizations, ministries, agencies, researchers and users in order to review these international and national Earth observation strategies so that they can consider steps to improved harmonization. They could also address issues central to observations and research related to global environmental issues. The discussion can hopefully result in recommendations as to how IGOS Themes can be implemented internationally and domestically. These recommendations can serve as a useful input to the GEO subgroups and to the GEO process of developing a 10 year implementation plan for future Earth observation system(s).

(1) Provide an update on the IGOS Themes, GEO activities and other relevant initiatives for global observations;
(2) Consider how IGOS-P Themes can be implemented and extended, and generate recommendations to the organizations concerned.