ALOS 京都・炭素観測計画 - 第10回科学諮問会議 -

- プログラム(最終版) -

開催日:   2008年6月23日(月)- 6月26日 (木)
場  所:    リモート・センシング技術センター(RESTEC)

議事日程 2008年6月 23 (月), 24 (火), 25 (水), 26 (木),
   プログラム (英語·pdf版, 46KB) download    
2008年 6月 23日(月)
9:30 - 12:30 ALOS K&C Theme Coordinator Meeting
(Bruce Chapman, Laura Hess, John Lowry,
Richard Lucas, Ake Rosenqvist)
ALOS K&C 10th Science Team meeting
  リモート・センシング技術センター pdf file
13:15-13:20 Welcome
13:20-13:50 K&C project issues (Ake Rosenqvist, JRC)
 · Project news
· Observation strategy update
· Processing fill-in request procedures
· Science plan revision
· Reporting, timelines & Extension
13:50-14:20 PALSAR cal/val - report from CVST meeting (M. Shimada, JAXA) download
14:20-14:30 EORC strip data processing status and schedule (D. Sango, RESTEC) download
14:30-14:45 K&C data dissemination and user interface (A. Mukaida, RESTEC) download
  14:45-15:00    COFEE BREAK
15:00-15:30 K&C mosaic generation schedule
 ·Bruce Chapman (JPL) download
 ·M. Shimada (JAXA) download
 ·F. De Grandi, JRC (by Ake Rosenqvist) download
15:30-17:00 Work Session - Data issues (all)
 · Strip data geometry and radiometry, ScanSAR issues, Reprocessing, Other
~17:00 Adjourn
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2008年 6月 24日(火)
  リモート・センシング技術センター pdf file
9:30-11:00 The K&C Wiki site - On-line demo (Richard Lucas)
11:00-11:30 Preparations for poster session
  11:30-13:00    LUNCH
13:00 - 17:00
Interactive Poster Session - Open to JAXA and RESTEC staff
5 - 10 minute interactive presentation by each Science Team member
 Mosaic and Desert Themes
 ·Bruce Chapman (JPL)
 ·Frank De Grandi (JRC) (by Ake Rosenqvist) download
 ·Masanobu Shimada (JAXA) download

 ·Francesco Holecz (sarmap) download
 ·Philippe Paillou (U. Bordeaux) (by Ake R.)
 Wetlands Theme
 ·Laura Hess (UCSB) download
 ·Lisa Rebelo (IMWI)
 ·Bill Salas (AGS) download
 ·Richard Lucas (U. Aberystwyth)
 ·Ake Rosenqvist (JRC) download
 ·Tony Milne (Horizon) download
 ·Jamie McGregor (U. Victoria) download

 Science Team project reports - Forest Theme
 ·Richard Lucas (U. Aberystwyth)
 ·Humberto de Mesquita (IBAMA) download
 ·Dirk Hoekman / Marcela Quinones (SarVision) download




 ·Dalton Valeriano (INPE) (by Laura Hess)
 ·Raimundo Filho (INPE) (by Laura Hess)
 ·Thuy Le Toan (CESBIO)
 ·Christiane Schmullius (FSU) download
 ·Johan Fransson (SLU)
 ·Osamu Isoguchi (JAXA) download
 ·Rakwatin Preesan (JAXA)
 ·Andras Balazs / Hugh Eva (JRC) (by Frederic Achard, JRC.) download
~18:30 - 20:30 Welcome Reception (at Restaurant Torafuku)
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2008年 6月 25日(水)
  リモート・センシング技術センター pdf file
9:30-A Work Session - Forest Theme
Leads: Richard Lucas
9:30-B Science Plan & individual project discussions (Meeting Room 2)
(Non-Forest Theme members)
Lead: Ake Rosenqvist
  12:30-14:00    LUNCH
14:00-A Work Session - Wetlands Theme
Leads: Laura Hess and John Lowry
14:00-B Science Plan & individual project discussions (Meeting Room 2)
(Non-Wetland Theme members)
Lead: Ake Rosenqvist
~17:00 Adjourn
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2008年 6月 26日(木)
  リモート・センシング技術センター 第1会議室 pdf file
9:30-10:15 Theme Summary Session
 ·Wetlands - Laura Hess / John Lowry
 ·Forest - Richard Lucas
  10:15-11:30    COFFEE BREAK
11:30-12:00 ALOS follow-on - mission objective adjusted (M. Shimada) download
12:00-13:00 Meeting Summary (Ake Rosenqvist)
 ·Observation strategy recovery
 ·Data issues
~13:00 Closing
13:30 - 16:00 Theme Coordinator meeting Wrap-up
(Bruce Chapman, Laura Hess, John Lowry,
Richard Lucas, Ake Rosenqvist)