ALOS series Open and Free Data

1. Updates

Mar. 01, 2023
ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 ScanSAR data for the Turkey earthquake released for free.
Nov. 07, 2022 PALSAR-2 ScanSAR Level 2.2 (L2.2) products are now available to the public.
Jul. 27, 2022 Trial release of PALSAR-2 Level 2.2 (L2.2) data has started.

2. Introduction of each Open & Free data type

1) ALOS-2 / PALSAR-2 Product

ALOS-2 / PALSAR-2 ScanSAR radiometric terrain corrected and orthorectified image product (Level 2.2, L2.2) is opened to the public.
For details, please see this link
Earthquakes in southeastern Turkey in 2023

JAXA has responded to Earthquake in Turkey and Syria, and conducted emergency disaster observations and provides data as requested by Disaster and Emergency Management Authority(AFAD), Ministry of Interior in Turkey, through Sentinel Asia and the International Disaster Charter.

1. JAXA G-Portal

L1.1 data is available free of charge from G-Portal.
Please click here to see how to download the product on G-Portal (gif animation).

Obs date Path Beam Pol R/L A/D archive
2023/2/11 185 W2 HH+HV R Asc 2022/9/10
2023/2/12 76 W2 HH+HV R Dsc 2022/9/11
2023/2/15 183 W2 HH+HV R Asc 2019/9/18
2023/2/17 77 W2 HH R Dsc 2022/9/16
2023/2/20 184 W2 HH R Asc 2022/9/5
2023/2/22 78 W2 HH R Dsc 2022/9/7
* Please note that ScanSAR data was provided here in full aperture mode processing, because this mode is suitable for InSAR analysis.
Therefore, file size of L1.1 data is quite huge (30 GB for single polarization and 60 GB for dual polarization data).
2. Google Earth Engine

3. AWS Open Repository

Registry of Open Data on AWS
Level1.1 and Level2.1 orthorectified product (without slope correction) is also available on Amazon Web Service (AWS).
Please click here [L1.1 , L2.1].

Analysis results using these PALSAR-2 data can be seen in "Updates on Earth".

2) ALOS / PALSAR Product

ALOS / PALSAR products will be made available to the public (Level 1.1 and Level 2.2).
Detailed information will be announced on this web site in the future.

3) ALOS / AVNIR-2 Product

ALOS / AVNIR-2 global products will be made available to the public.
Detailed information will be announced on this web site in the future.