Conference Agenda

Day 2 (October 25) Session III Group 2 (Technical Session):
Topic Presenter/Moderator
Strengthening national forest monitoring based on the JJ-FAST and satellite technologies

Dr. Masanobu Shimada, Invited Researcher, EORC, JAXA / Professor, Architectural, Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Denki University, Japan

Dr. Vũ Anh Tuȃn, Vice Director General, Vietnam National Space Center (VNSC), Vietnam


To discuss the subjects in implementing a sustainable forest monitoring in each country by using

JJ-FAST and satellite technology, from a technical point of view. Eventually,

1) Recommendation for efficient utilization methods of forest monitoring system, and system requirements for that,

2) Recommendation on expanding use by complex use of multiple forest monitoring systems, and

3) Recommendation on sustainable forest monitoring include of the future satellites.

1. Explanation of aim of this session
2. Key presentations
The global forest observations initiative-update on early warning Dr. Ake Rosenqvist, President, soloEO / GFOI
Early warning: GFW lessons learned and future directions Ms. Rachael Petersen, Acting Director, Global Forest Watch, World Resources Institute
Global Forest Watch: Forest Monitoring Designed for Action Dr. Vũ Anh Tuȃn, Vice Director General, VNSC:
How satellite can contribute to Forest monitoring? Mr. Osamu Ochiai, Associate Senior Engineer, Satellite Applications and Operations Center, JAXA
3. Panel style discussion with interventions from the floor

Key questions:

1) Characteristics comparison of each forest monitoring system.

2) The effective usage of forest monitoring systems including JJ-FAST, and system requirements for that.

3) Direction of verification method of detection accuracy and the use of ground data.

4) Effectiveness of forest monitoring system by using multiple satellite observation data.

5) Direction of sustainable forest monitoring, looking into the development of future technology.