Conference Agenda

Day 2 (October 25) Session III Group 1 (Governance Session):
Topic Presenter/Moderator
Improving forest governance using the JJ-FAST and satellite technologies along with policy measures

Mr. Kei Suzuki, Senior Coordinator, International Cooperation Group, Japan Forest Technology Association

Dr. Tetra Yanuariadi, Project Manager, Division of Trade and Industry, ITTO


-To discuss how the countries can improve forest governance by effectively using of JJ-FAST and other satellite-based systems / tools along with policy measures such as policy making and implementation, law enforcement, and close collaboration among stakeholders responsible for forest management.

-To seek possible solutions of the countries to fight against illegal deforestation activities including illegal logging and other challenges to promote sustainable forest management.

1. Recap of the 1st day and Key Presentations
1) Challenges of Forest Governance and Opportunities for the use of Satellite Monitoring Systems and Technologies Mr. TEMA Anthony Nsununguli, Research Officer, Forestry/Research and Monitoring, Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism, Botswana (JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program participant):
2) The Act on Promotion of Use and Distribution of Legally-Harvested Wood and Wood Products Ms. Chie Matsuyama, Deputy Director, Wood Utilization Division, Forestry Agency of Japan
3) Improving Forest Governance in Peru Mr. John James Leigh Vetter, Executive Director, National Forest and Wildlife Service of Peru
2. Panel style discussion with interventions from the floor

Key Questions

-What are challenges that developing countries are facing on forest monitoring?

-What tools and systems are available for forest monitoring / good forest governance, and what are challenges?

-What are good practices on the challenges mentioned above (policy, law enforcement, coordination among relevant authorities, community participation, systems and tools used for forest monitoring)?

-What are effective approaches to improve forest governance and what are roles of each stakeholder?

-How can JJ-FAST be effectively used for strengthening forest monitoring and governance in the countries?


1) Mr. Ludovic Obed Ndenfoo Uronu, Principal Forest Officer Responsible for Training & Research, Forestry and Beekeeping Division, Ministry of Natural Resources And Tourism of Tanzania,

2) Mr. Joko Prihatno, Director for GHG Inventory, Directorate General of Climate Change, Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia,

3) Mr. Frederic Djengo Bosulu, Director, Forest Inventory and Management Directorate, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Democratic Republic of the Congo,

4) Prof. Jerome Vanclay, Member of the IUFRO Board / Dean of Science, Southern Cross University