EarthCARE Workshop 2014 Organizing Committee

EarthCARE is a joint European-Japanese mission addressing the need for a better understanding of the interactions between cloud and aerosols, and their radiative processes that play a role in climate regulation.

The EarthCARE mission aims to improve the representation and the understanding of the Earth's radiative balance in climate and numerical weather forecast models by acquiring vertical and horizontal distributions of clouds and aerosols, as well as the radiances at the top of the atmosphere.

The workshop shall provide a forum for the wider science communities interested in EarthCARE and working in the related research areas of not only cloud, aerosol and radiation observations, but also in the areas of numerical modelling research, in order to support the preparation for the scientific exploitation of EarthCARE.

The workshop will includes the sessions about remote sensing and atmospheric sciences topics, which are understanding of atmospheric energy budget, understanding of cloud and precipitation processes, understanding of aerosol processes, global model evaluation, advances in active-passive retrievals, calibration and validation, EarthCARE mission status and others.