Calibration and Validation

ALOS-3 Calibration/Validation and Science Team

The ALOS-3 CVST (Calibration/Validation and Science Team) will conduct the following research on calibration/validation of standard products and maintenance of validation data (calibration/validation) as one of the themes of the EORC Earth Observation Research Announcement.

  • Methods of calibration, validation, and accuracy improvement for standard products
  • Assessing accuracy and applicability of standard products from the initial Cal/Val phase to the beginning of the operational phase
  • Development and sharing of high-level products and analysis tools for fundamental applications
  • Experiment and demonstration using new features and methods of ALOS-3 i.e. application development using two new multispectral channels, improvement of cloud detection, sophisticated atmospheric correction, 3-D location measurement using two observation paths data or large base-to-height ratio, sophisticated multitemporal analysis, automatic image interpretation, robust method using machine learning/deep learning)
  • Research on new technology for future missions
ALOS-3 Calibration/Validation and Science Team Members
Name Institution Research Theme
Chinatsu Yonezawa Tohoku University Evaluations of the ALOS-3 utilizations in agriculture, forestry and fisheries
Masayuki Matsuoka Mie University Geometric accuracy and pansharpening of ALOS-3/WISH for disaster monitoring in mountainous area
Sultan Kocaman Hacettepe University 3D processing and validation of ALOS-3 imagery
Junichi Susaki Kyoto University Development of an algorithm for generation of DSM and detection of its change by using ALOS-3 data
Masahiko Nagai Yamaguchi University Applying mirror array calibration method for ALOS-3
- Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) ALOS-3 verifications for national mapping in Japan
- PASCO Corporation Expected utilizations of the ALOS-3