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OCTS Observation Mode

These images show OCTS observation pathes in one day (Figs. 1 and 2). Each color in a path
corresponds a gain selected for this area.
In "Ocean Observation Mode (see below for this acronium)", the observation path images will be generated
by using the ocean gain only. Then, they are updated with land gain later.

OCTS is operated in
Ocean Observation Mode ( Normal Operation )
Land Observation Mode ( 10days per 3 months )
According to each mode, tilts and gains are selected as below.

(1) Ocean Observation Mode ( fig.1)

(1.1) Tilt

OCTS one path is composed of four segments.
From north to south, it is operated as
Nadir -> Tilt-20degrees -> Tilt +20degrees -> Nadir .

*Second segment will be operated in Nadir over californea twice per year for calibration..

(1.2) Gain

Gains are set from north to south as
Ocean High ( Nadir ) -> Ocean Normal ( Tilt-20degree) -> Ocean Normal( Tilt+20degree)

-> Ocean High ( Nadir) .

Land normal gain is additionally set only when OCTS swath is completey over land.

(2) Land Observation Mode ( fig.2)

(2.1) Tilt

Only nadir is selected.

(2.2) Gain

Only land normal gain is selected.

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