Symposium for the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) 17th Anniversary
Water - a careful assessment
of our Earth's precious resource
19 February 2015 9:30-17:00
Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall (COREDO Muromachi 1)
Simultaneous Interpretation available


Opening Session
(Chair: Riko Oki)
09:30-09:40 Welcome Remarks from JAXA
Kiyoshi Higuchi (JAXA Senior Vice President)
09:40-09:50 Welcome Remarks from NASA
Christopher Blackerby (NASA)
09:50-10:00 Speeches by the Guests
Masato Nakamura (Office of National Space Policy - Cabinet Office)
10:00-10:10 Speeches by the Guests
Keisuke Isogai (MEXT)
10:10-10:20 Speeches by the Guests
Tomoo Yamauchi (MIC)
Part 1: Significance of Satellite Precipitation Observations
(Chair: Riko Oki)
10:20-10:50 Significance of the Precipitation Observation from Space to the Twenty-first-century Society
10:50-11:20 Understanding the Earth's Water cycle - The Role of Satellite Observations
Part 2: TRMM's 17-year Achievements and the GPM Mission
(Chair: Nobuhiro Takahashi)
11:20-11:50 New Horizons in Precipitation Science Brought by 17 Years of the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
11:50-12:20 At the End of the TRMM Era: Precipitation Science Accomplishments and Applications for Societal Benefit
12:20-13:20 Lunch
13:20-14:00 Special Display: Mini Talk of the TRMM and GPM Missions
Masahiro Kojima (JAXA),
Art Azarbarzin (NASA),
Nobuhiro Takahashi (NICT)
14:00-14:10 Break
14:10-14:30 From TRMM to GPM: Advancing Precipitation Observations for Science and Society
14:30-14:50 Success of GPM over the TRMM's Heritage
Part 3: Evolution to the GPM and follow-on missions and future perspective
(Chair: Taikan Oki)
14:50-15:20 Synergetic Evolution of the Water Cycle Policy and the Satellite Observation Technology
Kenzo Hiroki (Cabinet Secretariat)
15:20-15:50 Importance of Satellite Observations in JMA's Numerical Weather Prediction
15:50-16:20 Collaboration with the High Resolution Global Nonhydrostatic Model and Satellite Observations
16:20-16:50 Satellite Remote Sensing on Hydrological Cycles -- the Vision
16:50-17:00 Closing Remarks by NICT
Toshio Iguchi (NICT)
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